Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sacred Sunday...

For as long as I can remember, Sundays have been my families Sacred day... Over the years the dynamic has certainly changed; with both devastating loss and wonderful gain, I have a new family now, and am slowly starting to feel like a whole person once again.

I had lunch with my sister Leslie and her husband Fred a few Sundays ago at one of her and my most favourite spots; an amazing winery in Vineland, Ontario, Canada called "Featherstone".

The setting is a century old farm house nestled in the middle of a vineyard. It's an all organic farm so no pesticides are used - instead sheep and goats roam the field clearing away unwanted weeds, adding fertilizer and sneaking a few grapes here and there I'm sure!

Here is a view from the porch, where lunch and wine are served:

We had way too much food, far too much wine - and I had alot of sun that week, so I was certainly feeling it!

Found roaming the farm was a cat named "Bocci". At first we thought he was just an old senile cat; he was stumbling around when we first arrived, then we found him sleeping in a potted plant when we left... We quickly realized that he must have been drunk, just trashed outta his mind. Here is his cat house:

How drunk is this friggen cat everyday?

Have a great week.
Embrace your Journey
Bret xoxo
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