Monday, July 28, 2008

I am an endless journey...

I have a little book, called "Inner Wisdom, Meditations for the Heart and Soul - by Louise L. Hay". I love this book, and had to dig threw 8 boxes to find it (it was cleaned and packed after the fire)... Whenever I (or a friend) is going threw a rough time in their life, I sit with the book, think about the issues and open to a random page and read the affirmations on that page and meditate with those affirmations threw out the day. The book as always been accurate as to what I am going threw, and even tho I think its out of print, everyone should have one!!!
So this is the page that I opened up too just now this morning, after thinking and stressing about my apartment fire, and broken laptop (among various other things).

The book reads:

In the infinity of life, all is perfect, whole, and complete. The cycle of life
is also perfect, whole, and complete. There is a time of beginning, a time
of growth, a time of being, a time of withering or wearing out, and a time
of leaving. This is all part of the perfection of life. I sense it as normal
and natural, and though saddened at times, I accept the cycle and rhythms.
Sometimes there is an abrupt ending in mid-cycle. I am jarred and feel
threatened. Someone dies too soon, or something was smashed and broken.
However, I know that life is ever-changing. There is no beginning and no
end, only a constant cycling and recycling of substance and experience. Life
is never stuck or static or stale, for each moment is ever-new and fresh.
Every ending is a new point of beginning.

I think it does fit very well to whats going on. Life IS ever changing, no beginning, no end, just the cycle of life. Its normal and natural.

Gotta run, get my day started! ;)

Embrace the Journey

Bret =)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So... I think I am Karmicly Screwed! I'm not too sure what I've done to be receiving all the back luck that has been sent my way, but something is up!

So as many of you already know, this past year has been hell for me. Just last month my apartment caught on fire, recently the transmission on my car is shot, and now this morning I smashed my laptop screen...

I can't even explain how I broke the screen, its an odd little story, but if you have a few minuets, here you go. The past month that I have been living with my dad, I have been staying in my mom's old room, mainly because its comforting to me, and there is an amazing king sized bed. I always bring my laptop to bed, to read blogs, sort threw pictures and catch up on some TV shows that I had missed over the week. Sometimes I fall asleep with the laptop on my lap, only to wake up in the same position, set the laptop down next to me and go back to sleep.

Last night I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, and woke up around 9am, thanks to the "call of nature". I noticed that my laptop was all the way across the room (a big room) on the floor, on the opposite side of the bed, on the opposite side of the room, which is about 20 feet away... Now, the odd thing is that the laptop was sitting like a triangle.... Imagine the laptop as a book, with the spine pointing straight up in the air towards the ceiling, and the screen and keyboard on either side... Like a triangle...

I guess the "obvious" answer is, I fell asleep, rolled over, and the laptop bounced and rolled off the bed, onto the floor 20 feet away...

I guess how it happened isn't really paramount, but I am wondering WHY things like this keeps happening? I don't understand it, am I doing something wrong? Is this some form of bad karma coming to me? I just can't figure it out! What is with the destruction of my personal property?

I have surmised that either:
1. I'm cursed
2. Karma is paying me back (for what I don't know)
3. I'm just clumsy
4. I need to be more careful with my things
5. Something out there doesn't like me very much...

I'm not a paranoid person, lol, so I don't think some evil spirit, or being has it "out" for me, but I guess I shouldn't rule out the possibility... I would also like to think that I'm a pretty good person, and I don't have this ugly dirty karmic soul... I'm hoping that I have just had a typical run of bad luck, that I've done some careless things that have affected me in a negative way... How do I know for sure tho? Is there a karma test out there??? LOL

Anyways... I am back up and running, my laptop is okay physically, I need to replace the screen, but in the meantime I am using an old CRT monitor as an external display... Takes the portability out of having a laptop, but maybe its a good thing that I can't take it all to bed with me tonight!! lol

Any suggestions for a karmic cleanse?

Until then,
Embrace the Journey.
Bret =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

...evening in the sky

Last night, we had a spectacular thunder and lightning storm here in Sherkston (outside Fort Erie on the US.Buffalo Boarder). I figured it would be easy to take my camera outside, and snap a few quick shots of the amazing bolts of lightning that penetrated the clouds and sky on their way to earth. Capturing this marvel was much more difficult than I had thought!

(Voila - Before and After... Click to Enlarge)

I am an avid photographer and figured it would be easy to capture a lightning bolt, after all, we see pictures of such in magazines, on TV and posters and figure its simple. I played around with my camera settings for almost an hour in order to start capturing light. I played with increasing and decreasing my ISO speeds from 1600 to 50 and back again. I changed my F-stops, my aperture settings a hundred times, in a hundred different combinations, and still only captured, what I think is a novice photo - I am going to blame the cloud tho, by the time I had things figured out the wind had moved my specimen a few kilometers away! I wasn't able to capture any lightning bolts, but I guess it wasn't too shabby for my first attempt.

Out of 556 pictures only a handful (4 actually) pictures turned out. I used my cameras high speed function, so it continually snapped pictures, but I guess some of my settings were off, or maybe the universe would rather just keep this beautiful phenomena a secret ;)

Well... I am going to head off to bed now, my sister and I are going "garage sailing" tomorrow, an awesome way to replace some of my furniture and to reuse common items. We usually do pretty well when we are out and about, but I will be sure to post pictures of my good finds... If you see me driving around tho, don't follow too close tho, I have been known to break pretty quick, and swerve for garage sale signs. lol

Until then,
Embrace the Journey
Bret =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...afternoon in the garden

I spent the afternoon working here in my garden at my mom and dad's home. It was a perfect day to be outside, slightly overcast, cool, with a nice breeze. I've always enjoyed gardening, thanks to my Grandmother and Mom, both had extremely green thumbs, which I've seemed to inherit. The added bonus of having huge gardens are the immense photo opportunities within.

Weeds were easy to pull today, the ground is still very wet from all the rain we have been having, especially the past few days. About 5 years ago, I dug out all the perennial plants from the bed shown here, and laid down the "no weed" landscapers fabric, and recycled mulch. It doesn't seem like a very interesting story, however it has made these gardens almost maintenance free. Also the mulch holds the water and keeps the plants well hydrated during the long hot summer days.

Over the years my mom and I have collected different cuttings, clippings and bulbs from various friends and relatives, not to mention some of my grandmothers, and great grandmothers original plants.

One of my favourite flowers in the garden is the "Purple Flag" as my Grandmother called it. Its a variation of a Iris; and flowers in the late spring, early summer. My Grams had them planted all around her farm house. She brought me a shovel full 10 years ago, and we planted them over by the pond... They didn't do well there, the location was too wet, and didn't get enough sun so I moved them into the central garden where they have been growing like wild ever since!

Another generational plant that I have are from my Great Grandmother and are over 100 years old. Lilly of the Valley were her favourite Flowers These Lillys flower in the early spring and are extremely fragrant.

Again, the peonies were a flower of my Grandmothers, and bloom in the late spring. They are one of my favourites and are easy to divide and share.

The gardens are something I really miss living in my Downtown Niagara Falls apartment, its made me think about finding another place, maybe outside the city, something with a bit of land where I can still get my hands dirty and relax in nature. Maybe I should be making a list of pro's and con's about life in the city... As for my apartment itself, its coming along. They have had a restoration company into spray it down with some sort of paint to seal in the smoke odour, it workd, because when I walked in I couldn't smell anything. The apartment has also been totally rewired. I have started collecting things again, when I see something I like, or onsale, things to replace lost or damaged items.... My sister when moving out of her house even gave me a few cans of Ralph Lauren paint for my bedroom! I can't wait to redesign my space!

Until then,
Embrace the Journey.

(Some Pictures from my Garden)

Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Look

So, as some of you may have already noticed my blog has taken on a new shape, form and look! With many many thanks to a dear friend of mine, Bohemian Mom, I have a new, absolutely beautiful banner, which perfectly matches the essence that is me! :)

When were were gathering ideas to create the banner, I scanned threw a hundred pictures, and selected my favourites, and e-mailed them all too her. She quickly came up with a banner the same night (I think she was even more excited than I was!) I couldn't believe how quickly, and perfectly she captured my essence, and seemed to instinctively know exactly what I was looking for!

We went threw a couple rough drafts, and finally decided on a Blog Name that would again capture "me". I didn't want anything specific, that would take me in any sort of direction... I didn't want to label myself as anything else, I just don't think I fit into any one category, so in her brilliant infinite wisdom, she suggested "This Guys Journey". PERFECT! I said.

I have now registered a new domain, so you can link and bookmark directly too it should start working by tomorrow I'm guess ;)

I look forward to joining the community and getting to know everyone! :)

Until then,
Embrace the Journey

Monday, July 7, 2008

Clean Up, Phase 1

Well, I am happy to say that the clean up and restoration of my Down Town Niagara Falls Apartment is underway. The kitchen has been gutted, completely, no more floor, walls, ceiling, appliances or cupboards... The rest of the apartment is still intact, but completely empty. I believe they are waiting for a professional restoration crew to come in and spray and clean the rest of the walls and sub floors before they repaint, and install the new flooring and fixtures. I'm pretty exciting.

I was at Walmart with my friend Amie tonight, going up and down the isles, looking at all the things I need to replace was pretty daunting. Its the small things that I lost that kills me. The broom and mop, I need to go buy those bastards again. Cleaning supplies, well that's no problem, I make my own organic cleaning supplies, so as long as I have water, vinegar, tea tree oil and soap I am fine... Bathmats, toilet paper and picture frames... It all just seems like a big pain in the ass, but I will get things put back to normal slowly.

The picture here is of my living room, or whats left of it. People often ask me why I want to go back to "that" apartment after the fire damage.... The answer is, well.... Its my home, and I love it. I love the character of the house. It is one of the original farm houses on Victoria Av in the falls, and even still has the old house numbers on the front door from when the road was dirt and stone.

On the "home" front, or temporary home front here, everything is cleaning up well. My white suede coffee table came up clean using a combination of Water, Soap, Vinegar and Bleach. I soaked it, scrubbed it and let it dry in the hot sun. My clothes have all cleaned up, there is no smell at all. I used a combination of Oxy Clean, Dishwasher Soap, Dish Soap, Borax, Laundry Soap, Colour Safe Bleach, and Vinegar. That's my new cleaning potion, and it works wonders, after 7 loads in the washing machine, and a few overnight soaks... All my dishes and glassware have cleaned up, although I will be putting them threw the dishwasher again... lol I have yet to wash my linens yet, but I'm sure they will be fine... My Kitchen aid mixer tho, my 300$ Kitchen aid mixer is another story... It runs, it runs just fine, but the mixer attachment is fused to the unit, I can't take it off to clean it, or switch to the other mixing attachments, but I did find a parts store online so I can buy them, replace them, and I will be as good as new ;)

Other than that, life has been pretty normal. I can't wait to get outta my dads, back to my home, and slowly have life return to normal.

Until next time ;)

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