Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tearing down walls...

I really don't like being away from my blog and all of you for so long! As many of you know my laptop crashed and my access to the internet has been limited these past few months. As my cash is better spent on car repairs and such I haven't had the funds to replace my worn out laptop as of yet. I'm hoping to be back and running in the next month or two. I have to admit, although I've really missed my blogging friends (even tho I've been lurking when I get the chance) I've really enjoyed not being stuck on the couch in front of my TV and laptop especially since life has been so busy these past couple of months.

I've started a new job, I was working for Apple Computers, doing technical support for the iTunes application and iTunes accounts, and now I am back working in kind of an electrical/industrial atmosphere. I am working in the warehouse of one of my old electrical suppliers, its quite the change from my cushy purchasing job but I was really excited for the opportunity since it payed a bit better than Apple and has many more areas that I can climb the ladder there. I'm even getting use again to wearing steal toed safety boots, my feet ached for the first 2 weeks, and still kinda do. I have to start being cautious as to what I ask of the universe, I really wanted a more physically demanding job, but this has taken some time to get use too!

So life has been good, and I've been smiling again, its been a while...

It's 4:30 am now, and the end of a long day - think we are going to head to bed ;)

We're going to carve up some pumpkins tomorrow night and roast up the seeds, hopefully I can procure a camera and get some funny pics! (Another thing I need to get - a new camera - I feel naked with out it. Ya scary thought, I know...)

Anywho, hope you all have been well.
I've sincerely missed regularly following your blogs even tho I have gotten the chance to pop in a visit a few times. I'll be back up and running soon I hope!

Embrace the Journey,
Bret =)
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