Saturday, August 23, 2014

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Speed of Life

Wow-wee! It has been a whirl wind of a month, and lots has happened that's for sure! I was thinking about redesigning my blog, giving it a new facelift for the spring (which is why it has been down) but life got the better of me...
My baby sister (well not so much a baby, she 29 and only 10 months younger than me) had her first baby, a baby girl weighing 6lbs 11 oz on March 22nd at 9:48pm. I was at the hospital with the rest of my family waiting patiently for little Elaina Lillian to arrive. 12 hours later... LOL She was dilated but never really got the urge to push, the doctor finally broke her water at 2:30pm but still never felt that "pushing" urge... Around 9pm things started to speed up and all the males ran out of the delivery room!

I've gone and got a few parts for my car in the past week or two, things you can't buy off the shelf like a new knob for the radio and a new heat vent to replace a cracked on. It doesn't sound like much fun waking through a sea of ghostly cars but I am like a kid in a candy store! Its pretty exciting, almost like finding gold, but kind of eerie seeing cars such as my own that were once loved but now forgotten, however everything is running in perfect condition and I can't wait for the first sunny day when I can put the top down and go for a cruise - I think that day is going to be tomorrow! :)
Other wise everything is great, I've got some great new blankets and crochet patters that I've been working on for the new baby and for my Niece Ksenia and Nephew Quinn. I'm happy to say too that we've been slowly patching things up with my other sister and Dad. It feels nice to get the family back together... We're taking things slowly.
The past belongs in the past; I'm not one to hold on to it, and to painfully relive the bad memories... Why? Why would anyone put themselves through that? Live evolves, new friends become old friends, some broken bonds and reformed and the mending process begins and you forgive. That's life. How sad that some have to life in the past - not a life for me though...
We'll its 9:30 and I have an early day tomorrow so we are tucking in early, if I can get Ben away from his paintings.
Embrace the Journey
Bret xoxo

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sacred Sunday...

For as long as I can remember, Sundays have been my families Sacred day... Over the years the dynamic has certainly changed; with both devastating loss and wonderful gain, I have a new family now, and am slowly starting to feel like a whole person once again.

I had lunch with my sister Leslie and her husband Fred a few Sundays ago at one of her and my most favourite spots; an amazing winery in Vineland, Ontario, Canada called "Featherstone".

The setting is a century old farm house nestled in the middle of a vineyard. It's an all organic farm so no pesticides are used - instead sheep and goats roam the field clearing away unwanted weeds, adding fertilizer and sneaking a few grapes here and there I'm sure!

Here is a view from the porch, where lunch and wine are served:

We had way too much food, far too much wine - and I had alot of sun that week, so I was certainly feeling it!

Found roaming the farm was a cat named "Bocci". At first we thought he was just an old senile cat; he was stumbling around when we first arrived, then we found him sleeping in a potted plant when we left... We quickly realized that he must have been drunk, just trashed outta his mind. Here is his cat house:

How drunk is this friggen cat everyday?

Have a great week.
Embrace your Journey
Bret xoxo

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm back!

Okay.... I know you've all heard that before, but I am back!

We are entering the wonderful season of Fall over here on the Northern Hemisphere and I've begun to feel the itch to crochet, make fabulous pots of teas and blog! I've found a few motivators... My sister and a very good friend are both pregnant; due the end of December and the end of March - time to get those crochet hooks out! Also, I bought a new laptop and boy is it cute! :)

I bought a HP Envy 14. It's beautiful, 14" HD screen, with a keyboard that lights up, here is a picture:

Now here is one of the back lit keyboard (a feature I never thought I would use - but I love it!):

Now I am excited for my blogging time! :)

I should be going now, off to put in a load of laundry, make a cup of tea and catch up on some blogs! :)
Until then, embrace the journey!
Bret xoxo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween

I'm back and just in time for Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween.
Check out her blog by clicking the button at the top left of my blog, or click on the banner below!

She has some amazing give aways, everyday for the month of October!
Embrace your Halloween Journey ;)
Bret xoxo

Sunday, September 19, 2010


That's how I feel sometimes... I don't know how you all have the dedication and commitment to your blogs; dedication I very much desire! I always make a pact with myself to write more, but it just never happens... Whats your secret? What will motivate me? Share, please share! LOL I think I have to realize that not all of my posts need to be "epic" or thoughtful - sometimes I just have mindless wanderings I should put down on paper....

As much as I don't want too, back to laundry - then caulking the seal in the shower!
Embrace the Journey,
Bret xoxo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 years...

It has been three years since I lost my Mom to cancer.

Three years, and I can't explain how or why it feels like yesterday; should I?

Today I cried, remembered, laughed and cried some more. Tears feel good, for some reason; maybe by design. I still feel that emptiness in my chest, as if both my lungs and heart weren't there, just for a split second, gone.

I spent some time with my sister tonight, shes really the only family I have left. I guess in a way we are orphans. Leslie is pregnant, we found out about 4 weeks ago, shes only 6 weeks along. I feel saddened that my new niece or nephew is deprived of an amazing grandmother. Again, I will do my best to fill that void - out come the crochet hooks and my sewing machine; I've already started to make receiving blankets and granny squares. A void that is impossible for me to fill, I miss my Grams too. What I would give just to be curled up in her lap, quietly.

I'm sad, but tomorrow is a new day, just breathe....

Embracing the journey
Bret xoxo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garage Sales with Boho

Every Saturday morning, Boho Mom and I crawl out of bed at 6am (in separate beds - don't get any ideas...), throw on some comfy clothes, run a tooth brush around, and set out on our Garage Sale Trek. Our first stop is Tim Hortons, because Boho Mom doesn't function without 3.8 gallons of Coffee in the morning, and I can barely get my eyes open with out a jug of Earl Grey Tea, sometimes we even swing back around for a refill...

This week we found some pretty great stuff!

I hit the jackpot when I found this cute Dora the Explorer Swing Back Chair for my niece Ksenia. She is obsessed with everything Dora right now. I got it for a steal at $5. I was also able to find her 3 of the Leap Frog learning systems, with about 30 different books and cartridges. I got those all for $5 as well. She was really excited when I dropped them off, her little face lit up and she screamed "I Love Dora!!!".
I got a few things for myself too. I found a Conair bath spa. A big mat that sits at the bottom of the bath tub, which hooks up to an air hose and machine that adds bubbles and jets into the bath. It is amazing. I was in the bath last night for an hour before bed.

Boho found some amazing wood benches. They were a solid dark wood, 10 feet long and beautiful. We both imagined them in her space, holding books, pillows, picture frames and other knickknacks. Sadly, they wouldn't fit in my car, even with the top down! We're both still a little upset that she missed out on such a great find! However she did find some great stuff. She found one of those micro fibre cube seats with great storage inside, and a very cool retro silver lamp with lime green shade!

(after unloading our 1st hour of saling)

I love my Saturday mornings with Boho, she is such an amazing friend. I really feel like I can tell her anything, and I do. I met Boho about 10 years ago; her now almost adult hatchling was only 4 years old, and oh so cute! Since then Boho has been a trusted confident and has made me pee my pants from laughing so hard countless times! I can't wait until next Saturday when we set out again to find some amazing stuff!
Until then, embrace the Journey

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching UP!

Catching up.... Ketchup.. Get it?? lol

I can't figure out if Sunday is meant for relaxing at the END of a long busy week, or for preparing for the START of another long and busy week. Any Ideas?
Either way today is Sacred Sunday, and I plan to barricade myself in the kitchen and immerse myself in some traditional cooking.
I found a wonderful fresh, free range organic Turkey before Christmas, however with the business of the holidays I ended up freezing it. This morning I hauled its ass out of the deep freeze and presently it is thawing in the kitchen sink. I plan on whipping up some roasted garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing and lemon meringue pies as well.
I enjoy being in the kitchen (maybe a little too much), but ever since my Mom instilled me with her supreme cooking skills, and my Grandmother taught me her secret pie dough recipe I can't seem to tear myself away from the exciting whirl of a blender, or the pleasure of opening an oven to reveal a perfectly baked pie.
So now I am off to the groceries store, I have a few things to pick up before I am ready to put the Turkey and pies in the oven. Stay tuned, I will post some pictures tonight of my baking and cooking endeavours. Until then, check out 2 of my favourite bloggers who making cooking seem easy!
Suzie the Foodie - From cookies to turkeys. Suzie has some amazing dishes to check out.
Memoirs of a Meatless Year - Some of my favourite Vegetarian recipes are right here! Check out her Cashew Curry!
Embrace the Journey,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where the HELL have I been?

It has been a few crazy months and too be honest; I've really missed the blogging world. It seems that every time I sit down to write or visit I am distracted by something else. I have about 10 half written blog posts that are still in the draft stage... One of my new years resolutions is too write more, I miss the creative outlet for my thoughts. Luckily we've been snowed in with the blast of Winter weather we've received in the past couple of days.
So.... Just a quick update while I think of something more interesting to write about. I'm off to visit everyone now! ;)

Embrace the Journey
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