Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garage Sales with Boho

Every Saturday morning, Boho Mom and I crawl out of bed at 6am (in separate beds - don't get any ideas...), throw on some comfy clothes, run a tooth brush around, and set out on our Garage Sale Trek. Our first stop is Tim Hortons, because Boho Mom doesn't function without 3.8 gallons of Coffee in the morning, and I can barely get my eyes open with out a jug of Earl Grey Tea, sometimes we even swing back around for a refill...

This week we found some pretty great stuff!

I hit the jackpot when I found this cute Dora the Explorer Swing Back Chair for my niece Ksenia. She is obsessed with everything Dora right now. I got it for a steal at $5. I was also able to find her 3 of the Leap Frog learning systems, with about 30 different books and cartridges. I got those all for $5 as well. She was really excited when I dropped them off, her little face lit up and she screamed "I Love Dora!!!".
I got a few things for myself too. I found a Conair bath spa. A big mat that sits at the bottom of the bath tub, which hooks up to an air hose and machine that adds bubbles and jets into the bath. It is amazing. I was in the bath last night for an hour before bed.

Boho found some amazing wood benches. They were a solid dark wood, 10 feet long and beautiful. We both imagined them in her space, holding books, pillows, picture frames and other knickknacks. Sadly, they wouldn't fit in my car, even with the top down! We're both still a little upset that she missed out on such a great find! However she did find some great stuff. She found one of those micro fibre cube seats with great storage inside, and a very cool retro silver lamp with lime green shade!

(after unloading our 1st hour of saling)

I love my Saturday mornings with Boho, she is such an amazing friend. I really feel like I can tell her anything, and I do. I met Boho about 10 years ago; her now almost adult hatchling was only 4 years old, and oh so cute! Since then Boho has been a trusted confident and has made me pee my pants from laughing so hard countless times! I can't wait until next Saturday when we set out again to find some amazing stuff!
Until then, embrace the Journey


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Totally freakin' awesome!
I love this post and the "documenting" of our Saturday morning ritual. I had to laugh seeing your car, remembering it heaping over with stuff before we dropped some off at my place.
OMG - it sounds lame, but I so look forward to it every Saturday's my "favourite thing".

Suzie Ridler said...

I loved this post too! Oh so wonderful you both have each other as friends in "real" life, very envious here but happy for you too. Love garage sales, I am totally with you in spirit and congrats on all the treasure!

Pam said...

Happy to have called by and seen that you've posted again. I've missed you! How is your lamp going that you picked up at a garage sale. Behaving itself? Garage sales are fun!

Moonroot said...

I too love garage sales, car boot sales, charity shops (I think you call them thrift stores over there), junk shops etc. Ys, I love a bargain and deeply love the idea of recycling treasures!

I loved reading about your adventures with Boho Mom and only wish I could join you on trawl round the garage sales - but Canada's a bit too far on a Saturday morning...

CrystalChick said...

Ooh, yay, a new post!!
Your Saturday morning with a great friend sounds perfectly wonderful!
Have fun!

Suzie Ridler said...

I know, I am evil because I am not a mad genetic scientist breeding blueberries out of season in my own backyard. Thanks for the funny comment, it totally made my day! It's crazy that the local stuff is so expensive, no wonder the grocery stores are selling blueberries from New Jersey in Nova Scotia. When it comes to the environment, I live with almost zero carbon footprint. One truck comes to my store as oppose to all of us driving out to buy from farmers. There is no winning I suppose!

Good luck with renting the freezer! If you lived here I would totally share mine, it has ice cubes, bananas and frozen berries in it right now. Not buying anything until stuff is finally on sale!

Jane said...

I so wish I lived closer to you guys. If you would allow it, I would come along too. I love garage sales!!! And coffee too :))

Dia said...

Yes, I think we need a mini-van or something - so we can ALL tag along!! You make it sound so fun - & kudos on your friendship - wonderful to have good friends!!
Find something good this weekend!

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