Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sacred Sunday ... Baking with Grams

There are many things to me that are sacred, most relate to my childhood, at a time when I felt safe, complete and greatly loved. Before I knew what paying bills was all about, or the sadness caused by death and great loss, and long before my first broken heart, I was carefree, when the only disappointment was sleeping in too late on a Saturday morning and missing a Scooby doo episode.

This is the period in my life that shaped the man I am today, the good and bad. Time spent with my Mother and Grandmother, sacred time, memories that I cherish because they are all I have left. Time is cruel, only moving forward, never letting us revisit the past, like an hourglass glued to the table.

We had my Uncles 65th birthday yesterday, a family reunion, at my Aunt and Uncles farm in the Country, it felt incomplete. The family; separated by death, divorce and feuding. My grandmother was the glue, the matriarch of our family, the one who organized Christmas', birthdays and picked me up that one time I ran away from home. When my grandmother took ill the responsibility naturally passed to my mother, only a daughter-in-law, but too my grams so much more. Since my moms passing two years ago I've tried my best to fill the gaps left behind. Planning family dinners, quilting blankets for the baby, working in the flower beds, doing my best to honor them both everyday, in the traditions in which they raised me. I miss them terribly.

I was always taught to be a grateful guest and never arrive empty handed. My Aunt was having the celebration catered, but my sister and I told her that we would also bring some deserts as well. My younger sister Leslie baked 50 'butter tarts', one of Grams most favourite recipes. I spent Saturday morning baking as well and made 6 pies; 2 Graham Wafer, 2 Field Berry, and 2 Lemon Meringue. I have my Grandmothers crystal flour, sugar and tea canisters, and her talent for pastry. When I bake I feel her in the room with me, often catching a whiff of her "Explanation" perfume.

Here are some pictures from my morning of baking:

Getting the Dough Ready for the Pie Crusts

Lining the Bake Pans with the Dough

Field Berry (Bumble Berry Pie) Filled with Strawberries, Raspberries
Blackberries, Blueberries and Rhubarb.

The Meringue Pies Browning up in the Oven

The Thin Coat of Flour on my Kitchen Floor!
Yes, I am a messy baker ;)

The pies were a hit and my uncles said they tasted just like my Grandmothers. In no time at all the butter tarts and pies were gone, leaving some of the birthday cake untouched. I felt honored to carry on one of my Grandmothers traditions. I am thankful for my Aunt who planned the occasion, its hard to get together these days.

My Great Aunts came too. It was hard, they look so much like my Grandmother, and sound just like her too. I found myself closing my eyes while they spoke, pretending I was listening to my Grams, seeing her face in my mind. Tears that somehow found their way past my tightly closed eyelids were quickly brushed away and went unnoticed. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

Now for me, I better get back to scrubbing the dried pastry and flour off the kitchen floor, I've had the floor damp now for a good hour so it shouldn't be too difficult, I hope!

Embracing the Journey, and a bucket of suds.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This House Is Clean

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments, advice and such - it is greatly appreciated!

I've now been able to cleanse the lamp, and the rest of the house. It's not like the energy of the lamp was bad, or evil, more of a pain in the butt! If I wanted the lamp off, she wanted it on, if she wanted it on, I wanted it off. I hope I've at least appeased her spirit, or energy, and helped it move on to another journey.

The cat wasn't freaked out at all, he made no ill motions, or odd behavioral changes when I brought the lamp in so I knew the energy wasn't harmful, just playful.

I would LOVE to know who the "she" was behind the lamp, in the upcoming days to weeks I hope to get in some good investigation time, talk to the lady who sold me the lamp, and consort with a friend of mine who is a talented clairvoyant to see if she picks up anything I've missed.
Until then, I am just going to keep an eye out for any odd movements from the lamp.

If anyone knows a source where you can send in pictures of antiques and have someone in the field respond with some information I'd be grateful for a link or e-mail address. I would really like to know the origin of the lamp, and I hope there is some sort of online "Antiques Roadshow" out there where I can submit pictures...

Anywho, its pouring rain here, and the cat and I have decided it would be a wonderful day to lay in bed and watch movies, so here we are! ;)

Embracing the Journey, and my pillow.
Bret =)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Lamp that Satan Built ...An Update and Video

So I have an update for everyone who is wondering, and it gets pretty interesting...
For the last couple of days not only myself, but visiting friends have witnessed the odd behavior of this lamp. Turning off and on, being unplugged and on one occasion being turned 90 degrees clockwise leaving scratches on top of my fireplace mantle. Early into the morning today, I woke up for a bathroom break (not unusual at all) and thought I saw an elderly woman sitting on my couch. Having crusty eyes, and a foggy brain I kept walking past the living room into the bathroom. It wasn't until I was comfortably seated until I realized what I *think* I saw, I am still not 100% sure.

Otherwise I slept OK, I think it was just the light of the full moon that was disturbing my sleep the last couple of days. The feeling in my apartment has been reasonably peaceful (for me at least) however couple of friends have noticed a shift in the energy, and the air feeling a bit thicker and heavier. I do agree with all your comments that a GOOD cleansing is in need.

I am thinking that the energy of the woman who must have owned this lamp is still attached, and she must be having difficult time with the move and someone else now owning one of her possessions. I am going to burn some sweet grass first to appease the energy, try talking to the spirit as odd as that may sound to some, I am hoping we can come to an understanding rather than "bicker" as to weather the lamp should be on or off ha-ha. If that doesn't work the lamp is getting a vinegar wash down and smudged with a sage stick and sea salts.

I've downloaded a program too to make my webcam on my laptop act like a motion sensing video camera, I think I will set it up tonight, facing the lamp and see what I get... Should be interesting.

Anywho, I am off!
Embrace the journey,

** Update **

Alrighty folks, here is the video!
I had to go out to go out and get a few things from the grocery store, so I figured what the hell, I'll set up my laptop quick on the bench in front of my couch and see if I catch anything, here is what I've got:

The video is 1:38 mins long and was activated by some sort of movement in video frame, however I didn't see anything that moved.

0:25 - Light turns on
1:00 - Lamp makes a sharp movement towards my picture frames, then several smaller and more gentle movements WHILE turning again.
1:17 - Light goes off

So there you have it. What do you think? When I walked in the door and saw it had moved I almost pee'd myself with excitement, the cat was sleeping on my bed, so he didn't notice anything, however I am pretty confident that something is going on here... Getting the sweet grass out tonight for sure! People wonder why I am scared of the dark hahahaha.

Embrace the Journey,

Monday, July 6, 2009

a LITTLE freaked out!!

What started off as an awful day of Garage Sales, turned into a unique find. Just about when my sister and I were going to give up, and call it a day, this lamp caught my eye. I figured it would be pretty expensive, as it looks to be somewhat of an antique so I tried not to show any interest in it at first. I browsed around at other knickknacks, and after a few minuets of watching it out of the corner of my eye an elderly woman approached me and asked me if anything had caught my attention. I responded by saying that the lamp was quite interesting and how much she was asking for it, I was preparing myself to bargain with this woman when she said $5. Ummmm, Five Dollars I asked? Yes, five, she replied. Sold! I was honestly expecting her to ask $50-$75 for this lamp, and I was hoping to get it for $40.

My sister was amazed, as I picked up the lamp. The lady said it worked just fine, but it didn't come with a bulb, but she would be more than happy to fetch one for me, I declined as I had just bought some new bulbs, and she proceeded to engage in small talk. I asked where the lamp had came from, as I'd never seen anything quite like it, and she said she didn't know, that she was selling it on behalf of a friend. I didn't think much of it, until last night when I got home.

I walked into my apartment, around 3am, and the lamp was lit. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I thought that I had turned it off before I left for the day, I didn't know how well it was wired and didn't want any over heating, or fire related issues with it. I switched the light off and went to bed. I slept horribly, tossing and turning, hearing pacing in the hall, voices... I didn't think much of it, as I live in a turn of the century Victorian Home with other renters to the side and below me. I did go out to the living room once to see if the TV was on, the Cat has been known to sit on the remote with his big ass and turn on the news, but nothing was out of place.

It's been an "eerie" day here today, not being able to put my finger on exactly what, until I went to switch on the light around 8:30pm tonight. It wasn't working, odd, it was working last night when I got home. Immediately I thought it was a burnt bulb, but realized it was new, so with my hands I carefully traced the cord behind my fireplace, looking for loose, burnt or frayed wires. When I came to the end of the cord, I realized the lamp was not plugged in. Odd I thought, but again didn't think much of it as I might have pulled it out when I relocated my laptop this afternoon. I plugged my lamp in, switched it off and admired its unique beauty while I brewed a pot of Earl Grey tea. On returning from the kitchen to the living room, tea pot in hand I was greeted by a dark lamp. It had been turned off, and GET THIS, unplugged as well...

So here I sit, with my cup of tea, next to this lamp, wondering if its haunted, and if she priced it at $5 because it was frigging haunted! I guess I will have to see what happens in the next few days, only time will tell. Stay tuned!

Embracing the Journey, my pillow, the Cat, and a Knife...
Bret xoxo
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