Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Lamp that Satan Built ...An Update and Video

So I have an update for everyone who is wondering, and it gets pretty interesting...
For the last couple of days not only myself, but visiting friends have witnessed the odd behavior of this lamp. Turning off and on, being unplugged and on one occasion being turned 90 degrees clockwise leaving scratches on top of my fireplace mantle. Early into the morning today, I woke up for a bathroom break (not unusual at all) and thought I saw an elderly woman sitting on my couch. Having crusty eyes, and a foggy brain I kept walking past the living room into the bathroom. It wasn't until I was comfortably seated until I realized what I *think* I saw, I am still not 100% sure.

Otherwise I slept OK, I think it was just the light of the full moon that was disturbing my sleep the last couple of days. The feeling in my apartment has been reasonably peaceful (for me at least) however couple of friends have noticed a shift in the energy, and the air feeling a bit thicker and heavier. I do agree with all your comments that a GOOD cleansing is in need.

I am thinking that the energy of the woman who must have owned this lamp is still attached, and she must be having difficult time with the move and someone else now owning one of her possessions. I am going to burn some sweet grass first to appease the energy, try talking to the spirit as odd as that may sound to some, I am hoping we can come to an understanding rather than "bicker" as to weather the lamp should be on or off ha-ha. If that doesn't work the lamp is getting a vinegar wash down and smudged with a sage stick and sea salts.

I've downloaded a program too to make my webcam on my laptop act like a motion sensing video camera, I think I will set it up tonight, facing the lamp and see what I get... Should be interesting.

Anywho, I am off!
Embrace the journey,

** Update **

Alrighty folks, here is the video!
I had to go out to go out and get a few things from the grocery store, so I figured what the hell, I'll set up my laptop quick on the bench in front of my couch and see if I catch anything, here is what I've got:

The video is 1:38 mins long and was activated by some sort of movement in video frame, however I didn't see anything that moved.

0:25 - Light turns on
1:00 - Lamp makes a sharp movement towards my picture frames, then several smaller and more gentle movements WHILE turning again.
1:17 - Light goes off

So there you have it. What do you think? When I walked in the door and saw it had moved I almost pee'd myself with excitement, the cat was sleeping on my bed, so he didn't notice anything, however I am pretty confident that something is going on here... Getting the sweet grass out tonight for sure! People wonder why I am scared of the dark hahahaha.

Embrace the Journey,


Ayre said...

Haha, the lamp that satan built lmao...ok, funny and not funny at the same time lol.

Hope you get something on your cam!

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!!!!
I think I should come for a sleepover! That is just TOO BIZARRE!!!
Keep filming!

Jane said...

Dude, I'd be peeing myself in my sleep if I caught this on tape. I'm with Boho. Have a sleepover with some close friends. Maybe even get out a Oiji Board and see if you can get a little reading on your spirit.

This Guy said...

OMG Jane, I remember once I was HAMMERED and thought about pee'ing the bed.. Weighed the Pro's and Con's, I've just decided its not worth the mess, even tho its warm for a little..

Hahaha yes, I should have a big lamp party, get a ouiji in there and see if we can make contact! I just don't want the cat to get sucked into the static of the TV set.. lol

aromatic said...

Oh my god that is truly bizarre! Yet at the same time really interestingly fun.... waiting avidly for further lamp adventures!!
Best Wishes, Jane

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

OMG, you should see the goosebumps i have over here! i nearly had a fit when it moved~i knew it was coming but it still freaked me out! wish i lived much closer and could join you and boho in a bit of lamp watching! i wonder who the lady is~she obviously doesnt like where you have put it ;)

Eco Yogini said...

HOLY CRAP. the lamp moved closer to your family photos....

I did pee my pants, just a little, when I watched that video.

even if the energy isn't negative, cleansing immediately would be the only way i'd sleep after that. lol

can't wait to hear about the updates!

Jane said...

just stopped back to say thanks for the comment over at The Painted House on the Sun Surf Halter. Honestly, I'm learning sewing by the seat of my pants. Almost completely self-taught with the exception of a 2 hour class on apron making. That's where I learned how to read a pattern. My advise: if you can find a local class on a specific sewing project, it's totally worth it. Usually, it doesn't cost a fortune (I think my class was $35 plus the cost of materials). Once you are in the class, you can ask a zillion questions and, if you are anything like me, learn so much by the "hands on approach". Also, just play around with your machine. There is nothing that you can't undo with one of those inexpensive stitch cutters. I like to look at something that interests me and see how it's constructed. Finally, if you know anyone who is a really decent sewer, sit with them and pick their brain for really halpful tips on how to make your pieces look nicely finished. You'd be surprised how freaking easy most of it really is!


Jocelyn said...

I repeat the earlier sentiment:


That was truly freaky! You're brave. I'd be putting Satan's Lamp out the door!

Maybe it is a nice grandma-like ghost? Maybe she just wanted to get a better look at the photo frame? "Let grandma see you better, I'll turn on the light and scooch over."

I'd be revisiting that lady you bought it off of.

This Guy said...

Thanks everyone!

I have to be honest, the cat and I slept at my dads last night.... LOL I headed out to my sisters for dinner, told the cat that I'd be back tomorrow and he gave me the "if you leave me here, I will throw up on your bed" so I loaded his ass up and here we are, a good 40 miles away from Satan's Lamp! hahaha

I'm going home later this evening, and if there isn't a fresh batch of cookies made, and a pot of tea, the lamp is getting cleansed! No way I am getting rid of it, i'll fight the dead woman for it! She needs to let go and see the friggin light! hahaha

I grew up in a haunted house, so none of this really bothers me too much anymore, just a little, maybe... I'll tuff it out, as long as the cat's head doesn't start spinning around like Linda Blair, and I have to get an old priest and a young priest in there... hahaha said...

I saw Jocelyn mentioned your lamp in her recent comments and had to come on over here and see what this was all about.

OH. MY. GAWD. When that thing started moving I peed my pants too. Then I curled up in a ball in the corner of the room and started babbling.

Suzie the Foodie said...

OK, you got me out of the cyber no-commenting closet again to say, wow! Wowza! Holy cow and moly and all that jazz. That is freakin' unbelievable! I am thoroughly impressed, serious energy going on here and you caught it with your cam.

Yes, sweet grass, holy water (water that's been out in sunlight), salt, incense...whatever. I mean it is ultra cool and everything but really, this baby needs to be cleansed.

iGoddess' evil shoe-loving twin said...

...And nobody here mentioned Ghost Hunters yet????

Dude. Call them, lol.

Jopan said...

slighty creepy that yeah, you sure your not out of shot pulling on a wire? :) man oh man that ghost has something on her chest that she wants to get heard.
Oh yeah, i'll tell you about the blackberry wine in about august when i should have some ripe blackberrys, and all for free!!! Well, exept the sugar, so about a £1.

This Guy said...

HAHA I wish it was me outta frame with a string attached. It wouldn't be 2am, and I wouldn't be afraid to go to bed! LOL I don't think I'd quite get the spinning affect tho with a string or wire attached. I am just getting ready to do a cleansing now, things were "out of sorts" again tonight when I got home, so out comes the sage, sweet grass, holy water and sea salts... I'll show this old bitch who's boss! LOL Kidding, I really do wish her energy and mine could live peacefully, but I am not going to sacrifice sleep over it! Wish me luck ;)

Mel said...

Ho-leeeee crap! This is so freakin' COOL!!

Seriously...the cat isn't that bothered, is he? I'd take that as a sign.

I lived in a house once where (allegedly) an elderly woman had died and previous occupants had *seen* day I walked into the living room and ALL the animals - there were two dogs and three cats - all staring at the middle of the room - hackles raised, bristle tails, growling etc etc. So, if the cat isn't hiding under your bed or in the closet then I'd say she's a benevolent sort...

But agreement must be reached on the on/off-edness of the lamp...;)

Aren't you just a teeeeensy bit curious about the history of the lamp? Like who the Hades IS this woman who's so attached to the bloody thing?!?!?

Can't wait to hear about the cleansing....


Pam said...

No Oiji oiji board!! Brrrr, that moving lamp is shivvery stuff!! You are brave Bret!! If the cat is O.K. all's good. Once it's fur fluffs or it stares and backs away then I'm going to omgomgomgomgom too!!(if that happens, or it's head spins can you capture it on video?...retching fur balls doesn't count...)

Spidermonkey said...

Wow, that is amazing- it gave me the chills when I saw it switch on!! Love your blog, and hope you manage to cleanse the lamp- it is really beautiful! Vicki

mrsb said...


Faith said...

I have to admit I'm a little creeped out. Holy bucket of balls, batman.

By the way, Eat, Pray, Love IS awesome! Highly recommend you read it. I think you would enjoy it immensely.

Love love!

Moonroot said...

Whoa, creepy!!! You're a braver man than me. That would have totally creeped me out.

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