Saturday, July 11, 2009

This House Is Clean

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments, advice and such - it is greatly appreciated!

I've now been able to cleanse the lamp, and the rest of the house. It's not like the energy of the lamp was bad, or evil, more of a pain in the butt! If I wanted the lamp off, she wanted it on, if she wanted it on, I wanted it off. I hope I've at least appeased her spirit, or energy, and helped it move on to another journey.

The cat wasn't freaked out at all, he made no ill motions, or odd behavioral changes when I brought the lamp in so I knew the energy wasn't harmful, just playful.

I would LOVE to know who the "she" was behind the lamp, in the upcoming days to weeks I hope to get in some good investigation time, talk to the lady who sold me the lamp, and consort with a friend of mine who is a talented clairvoyant to see if she picks up anything I've missed.
Until then, I am just going to keep an eye out for any odd movements from the lamp.

If anyone knows a source where you can send in pictures of antiques and have someone in the field respond with some information I'd be grateful for a link or e-mail address. I would really like to know the origin of the lamp, and I hope there is some sort of online "Antiques Roadshow" out there where I can submit pictures...

Anywho, its pouring rain here, and the cat and I have decided it would be a wonderful day to lay in bed and watch movies, so here we are! ;)

Embracing the Journey, and my pillow.
Bret =)


Anonymous said...



This Guy said...

Oh ya, I dropped her off, her suitcase is on the front porch! hahaha

Anonymous said...

so that's what you were up to when I stopped by ... the cat wanted to let me in but you didn't :)

This Guy said...

HAHAH, I had a late night, its 6:30 and i JUST got outta bed! LOL I lazed around ALL day and it felt SOOO good! Now I have a pot of sauce on the stove, and im going to get a movie!! I kinda heard him meowing, I thought I was dreaming tho! LOL

mrsb said...

Just caught up with your blog and almost peed myself. At the same time being slightly (oddly) jealous, lol!

I'm afraid I would have tossed that thing out the window!!

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

a lazy day, how wonderful and with no light shows!
i have to say i am with mrsb~it would have gone!

Eco Yogini said...

Congrats on the cleansing!! :)

Jane said...

I knew you would show the spirit who's the boss!!!

Nydia said...

Oh... I'm the worst person to give an advice on this... I'm the most scared person in the world (how can I be a witch at the sdame time is a mystery... shhh, don't tell Lucas about this "fact-about-mom": he thinks I'm so courageous!). I would immediately throw the lamp away! LOL But at the same time, I simply love ghost stories... I hope you find something that makes sense about this lamp... What about you performing some banishing ritual? Maybe it will be ok after that!

Thank you for your words again, Bertt, you're sweet.

Kisses from us, the country guys.

Dia said...

Thanks for the 'update' on the lamp saga - video was trippy!! Glad things are getting 'clear' & maybe settling down! Thanks for your vis. at the 'Vale' - the rose beads are SO fun to make - & yes, I enjoy the 'family tradition' aspect as well!

Pam said...

Have you caught up with the lamp-seller yet? Love the way you say "Embracing the journey and my pillow." I'd be hiding under mine!Still, the cat seems unperterbed as do you! Nerves of steel you two!Sending warm wishes your way.

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