Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Religious Intolerance... and the journey of frank

So... I'm pretty pissed off...

While at work today, I was tipped off by a few my management that my Buddha statue, which sits on my desk, was creating QUITE the controversy. Buddha I thought? Controversy? JeeeWizz, that just doesn't sound like the Buddha I know! Usually you find Buddha under his tree meditating, searching for enlightenment. He can also be found teaching peace, love, kindness and tolerance, so when I heard the office gossip I was shocked!

I work in a Support Center, for a very popular computer manufacturer. The floor plan is extremely open concept, and there are about 80 people, neatly tucked into rows that surround my desk, next to a popular coaching/meeting room. Apparently "someone", not from my team, but from another managers team has been making complaints that my Buddha statue is inappropriate, and upsets them as a Christian person. Apparently their faith is so strong, and they have so much trust in their God that no one else should be allowed to think differently, that there is no room for other teachers in the realm of "religion" other than their messiah Jesus Christ.

Thats when I took a big shit in my pants... Leave it to a Christian to shout religious intolerance, I am just upset I didn't have anything pagan at my desk today, I would have been a rather lovely day for a witch burning.

So, Buddha and I have decided that its 2009, not 563BC and he needs to acclimate to today's society.

Everyone, please say a warm hello to Frank:

Frank is an e-mail support agent, he likes long walks on the beach, enjoys some yoga here and there, and drives a VW Bug. He's funny, smart and most certainly NOT controversial. With his mouse in hand he can process 15 customers e-mails an hour, while rocking out to his favorite Taylor Smith album. The note on his chest says "Hi, My Name Is: Frank". No controversial here people, keep the line moving. Ohhhh, no no, that's not Buddha, that's Frank, he moved over from the Dispatch Department last week.

So far, so good. No one has blew his cover yet. Keep your fingers crossed for us please.
If only closed minds came with closed mouths.
Embrace the Journey,
Bret and Frank

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life at 2 am...

The clock just struck 2am and I am wide awake regardless of the lack of sleep I have been having these past few weeks. I just threw some flour, water, garlic butter, parsley and other ingredients into my bread machine. My brother-in-law called this morning and demanded one of my buttery Parmesan cheese loafs. I love my bread machine, one of my most favourite Garage Sale finds from my Aunt Jean. 2$, brand new in the box, still had the starter kit. I am going to make another loaf for my Dad as well tomorrow, Fathers day.

I have a hard time celebrating Fathers day, it's always been a struggle for me as he's never been much of a Father. My Mom really did play both roles as my Dad was usually found playing hockey, hanging out with the boys, or working on some new car project. When my Mom passed I truly felt as if I were an orphan, especially after loosing my grandmother months before. I had two very strong female role models growing up (which I'm sure explains a few things) and after losing them both I felt very much alone. Both my sisters married, and me of course perpetually single, the closest thing I have to a partner is my Cat, and that is just really sad. Ha-ha.

My Mom "stuck it out" for us while we were growing up. I watched a movie last night with the amazing Boho Mom, (who is such a wonderful mother) which brought me to this post. The movie was "Double Jeopardy". A husband cheating on his wife, faking his own death and pinning it on her. She went to jail, 6 years separated from her young son, never giving up hope of their reunion. Libby (Ashley Judd) said in the movie "Even if a baby is separated from their mother at birth, they will always recognize her voice". I hold that to be true. My Mom, after having an absent husband, raising three small children practically by herself, while looking after my grandparents, ignoring the countless martial affairs my father perused, not to mention the arguments we pretended not to hear late at night; she endured, even to the detriment of her own health. Mothers are funny like that... So when I am sitting at the table tonight, with resentment in my heart, I will take a page from my mothers book and stick it out.

I must be getting to bed now, my eyes are burning.
To the fathers out there, remember that you are molding the next generation. Things you do and say will deeply impact your offspring in the years to come. Be weary of how you treat your wife, your sons will learn from you how to treat their wifes, and your daughters will learn from you how they should be treated from their husbands.

And to all the Single Moms out there, who struggle with this day. Please know that your love is more than enough. You are both Mother and Father to your children, and even tho times might be tough now, they will greatly love, adore and respect you for it in the next years to come.

Happy Fathers Day Mom,
Embrace the Journey

Thursday, June 11, 2009

...finding inspiration

in an uninspiring world...

I've found that in today's busy modern world it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find inspiration. Lately I've saw more boarded up windows and empty flower gardens than ever before. I think the economic depression has gotten everyone into a slump, I'm certainly feeling it. I've come to the realization that I must create my own inspiration.

I've been working at making my space more inspiring, one of the things I really love, is to leave post it notes for myself with affirmations of ideas I need to focus on. I bring them to work too and stick them around my desk. A simple reminder to breath deeply, relax, or that I'm in tune with nature makes a big difference in my life for me. Recently I moved my desktop computer from my writing desk to the closet, (I've got a laptop anyways) and started to fill my desk with things that inspire me. A water fountain found at a garage sale for $4 to bring peace and tranquility, a unique crystal vase to hold my watercolor paint brushes, pens, and pencils, some paper to sketch and paint on, and of course some candles as I like to write in the dim romantic light. The space is still lacking a little but I feel the improvement of energy in my space already, I will post a picture when I have it all finished.

This year I haven't gotten out there and taken any photographs. I just haven't been inspired. I need to, I really need to because I enjoy it and I like to share the beauty that I find. I think through the camera lens I find a whole other world, something magickal and spectacular. Here is one of my shots from last summer:

I've gotten back into my routine of Yoga and Meditation. It was a rough start back, but I feel my flexibility returning. I've been increasing my fiber, and limiting my meats and feeling more healthy about my intake, I've also been teetering on the point of vegetarian. Awakening the body and mind is a slow and gradual process, at least for me anyways.

So now I must get ready and go to the evil place where they keep my paycheck, but I will leave you with this question... How do YOU create inspiration in your world?

Blessed Journey,
This Guy ~ Bret

Monday, June 1, 2009

...the garden of ill repute

In a small city, one not unlike your own, is a small garden that looks as if it has been long abandoned and forgotten by man. One may wonder if the rapture has came, or some viral plague has done away with mankind. There's been no plague, and after 2000 years Jesus ain't coming back, sorry folks.

This is the garden of ill repute. The garden where happiness, ferries, bunnies and laughter go to die.
This is the garden that Boho Mom built...

Sure to soon be a garden filled with plump ripe tomatoes and the most earthy wonderful organic lettuce you've ever tasted, Boho mom is off to a rocky start as I found out on my visit yesterday.

The hatchling is rehearsing right now for her schools recitle of "Charlie Brown's Christmas Story", so Boho has planted the Famous Charlie Brown Christmas tree, oh, wait... No no no, those are acutally tomatoe plants. Oh my, I'm so sorry. HAHAHA

I have to cut her some slack, she is the hardest working single mom I know. This week alone, she's been altering costumes for the Hatchlings dance recitle (which was AMAZING), supervising and volunteering back stage, creating her FABOLOUS Bohemian space in her apartment, digging her her garden (by hand), blogging, and suprisingly she hasn't gone insane... Yet...

Honestly I am pretty jealous that she is off to such an awesome start with her garden. Living in an apartment I really miss having my own veggie garden, especially when I have to pay those organic store prices! I'm crossing my fingers that Boho will let me dig a few more feet on to her garden and let me plant some wonderful zuchinni and eggplant!

However, if you are looking for your lost puppy, or your desire to live, look no further than Boho's garden, but beware.... HAHA

Embracing the Journey (and hopefully a basket of veggies in 3 months)
Bret xoxo
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