Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching UP!

Catching up.... Ketchup.. Get it?? lol

I can't figure out if Sunday is meant for relaxing at the END of a long busy week, or for preparing for the START of another long and busy week. Any Ideas?
Either way today is Sacred Sunday, and I plan to barricade myself in the kitchen and immerse myself in some traditional cooking.
I found a wonderful fresh, free range organic Turkey before Christmas, however with the business of the holidays I ended up freezing it. This morning I hauled its ass out of the deep freeze and presently it is thawing in the kitchen sink. I plan on whipping up some roasted garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing and lemon meringue pies as well.
I enjoy being in the kitchen (maybe a little too much), but ever since my Mom instilled me with her supreme cooking skills, and my Grandmother taught me her secret pie dough recipe I can't seem to tear myself away from the exciting whirl of a blender, or the pleasure of opening an oven to reveal a perfectly baked pie.
So now I am off to the groceries store, I have a few things to pick up before I am ready to put the Turkey and pies in the oven. Stay tuned, I will post some pictures tonight of my baking and cooking endeavours. Until then, check out 2 of my favourite bloggers who making cooking seem easy!
Suzie the Foodie - From cookies to turkeys. Suzie has some amazing dishes to check out.
Memoirs of a Meatless Year - Some of my favourite Vegetarian recipes are right here! Check out her Cashew Curry!
Embrace the Journey,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where the HELL have I been?

It has been a few crazy months and too be honest; I've really missed the blogging world. It seems that every time I sit down to write or visit I am distracted by something else. I have about 10 half written blog posts that are still in the draft stage... One of my new years resolutions is too write more, I miss the creative outlet for my thoughts. Luckily we've been snowed in with the blast of Winter weather we've received in the past couple of days.
So.... Just a quick update while I think of something more interesting to write about. I'm off to visit everyone now! ;)

Embrace the Journey
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