Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Quilts

Thanks to a jolt of inspiration from my friend Amie, I decided to dust off my sewing machine (and sewing skills) and make a couple of baby blankets for my Niece.

Our journey started at Fabricland in Niagara Falls, where we purchased yards of fabric, batting, thread and ribbon. I'm not a seamstress, I haven't created too many things in the past, mainly just did hems, drapes, things that aren't overly creative, so this was a jump for me, especially since I haven't sewen in years.

This is what I started out with...

The Strawberry Shortcake blanket, was my first attempt, and never making a blanket before, I had to buy a silk blanket binding cover to hid my stitching! My second blanket tho, I had an idea, and a plan. I figured it would be easier to wrap my cover blanket under to meet up with the striped fabric and do a cool stitch there to blend the two fabrics, which worked SO much better!! I'm acutally thinking about cutting it apart, and redoing the stitching and binding so it looks more like the stripes blanket. Personally I hate the use of the silk binding!

Here are the end results...

I have a feeling that my sister will most likely be using the blue/green stripes more. She secretly hates pink hahaha. Well maybe not secretly... I think all baby girls should have a pink blanket, it saves us from those awkward moments when shes wearing her froggy sweater and people say, oh "he's" so cute! hahaha

Anywho, I am off to babysit now!

Later ;) Bret


Anonymous said...

Oh my such talent! And such cute little girl fabrics.

Great job - your niece will love them!

This Guy said...

Thanks so much! Yes she LOVED them!! :)

Ayre said...


iGoddess said...

Thanks for the compliment on my vision board movie! =) I always love hearing that something I made actually touched someone.

And, dude...more guys need to know how to sew. Seriously. Do you know how much you rock? And Strawberry Shortcake is perfect!!

I'll definitely be coming back here. Thanks for the visit!

This Guy said...

((igoddess)) thanks so much for your kind comments! I love sewing! Anything creative for me, working and using my hands, is such a healing experience.. I just zone out to the hum of my sewing machine, or get lost in a trance of crochet stiches! Such a meditative experience for me!

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