Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garage Sale Success!

Saturday morning, bright and early at 7am, with newspaper in hand, my younger sister Leslie and I set out for a morning of Garage Sales. We usually look in the Fort Erie, Crystal Beach, Ridgeway area, they seem to have alot there. Some weeks we travel up to Burlington to tag along with my Aunt Jean, she is the master, and we have learned much from her especially in the area of price negotiation! lol

We stopped at a few sales, and didn't find anything. To be honest, they were kinda junky, the last thing I need is a flowered sweater (despite what I wrote in my last post). On about our 4th stop we hit a jackpot of baby clothes and toys. Lately our Garage Sale focus has shifted from purchasing for ourselves, to spoiling our little Niece Ksenia. We got a bunch of cute outfits, everything from Gap Kids, Disney, Carters and such... We got about 12 outfits for 5$. Pretty good deal especially since the Carters Dress and bloomers would have cost 35$ in the store! I also found her a big stuffed Tigger, bigger than her! She is in love with Tigger. She even has the Tigger Jumper (because Tiggers like Jumping BEST!). We also got her a Leap Frog Pretend and Learn Shopping Cart. Now she can use it to help her learn to walk, but eventually she and pretend shop, and even scan items. It helps her learn how to count! ;)

Now, it wasn't all just about the baby, I did find a couple things for myself. What I was really excited about was all the metaphysical books I found. Its very rare to find a collection like this at a garage sale, and I dug threw boxes for 20 mins (which is not something I usually do). Here is a quick list of the books I got, feel free to borrow a copy!!
Inner Simplicity (St. James)
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Relationships (Ferrini)
The Secret Garden (Burnett)
Crystal, Hem and Metal Magic (Cuningham)
Feng Shui Cards and Book (Craze)
Meditations for Awakening (Moen)
The Inner Lover (Harms)
Dream Dictionary (Robinson and Gorbett)
Awakening Intuition (Schulz)
Chicken Soup for the Singles Soul (Various)
Why Me, Why This, Why Now (Norwood)
Yoga for Today (Pattinson)
Feng Shui for Life (Sandifer)
Quest (Linn)
Psychic Development for Beginners (Hewitt)
Zen Action, Zen Person (Kasulis)
The End of the Days (Bloomfield)
AND incase you are wondering, I got each book for 25 cents!
So, quite a lot of interesting books. Will keep me busy on these RAINY days, which I am getting very sick of... I hate being indoors some days, but its always good to curl up and relax.
Any who, I am going to go, have a shower and get ready for Amie too call, we are going to sit down tonight and do a little sewing! Check out her blog, and her latest creations!!

Embrace the Journey ;)


Anonymous said...

I heart garage sales and finally got to go with the loan of the van.
Book-whore that I am, I love that stack you got! What a score!

I'm good though, on all topics. My book shelves are caving as it is, and I'm currently reading the book, The Talented Mr. Ripley.
(book came first, ya know).

Have fun tonight & say hi to "Jeramie" for me!

Ayre said...

Awesome finds!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

You did so well! What treasures, especially the metaphysical books, that is very rare to find at garage sales.

I hope you get to the Niagara Gorge one day soon!

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