Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Look

So, as some of you may have already noticed my blog has taken on a new shape, form and look! With many many thanks to a dear friend of mine, Bohemian Mom, I have a new, absolutely beautiful banner, which perfectly matches the essence that is me! :)

When were were gathering ideas to create the banner, I scanned threw a hundred pictures, and selected my favourites, and e-mailed them all too her. She quickly came up with a banner the same night (I think she was even more excited than I was!) I couldn't believe how quickly, and perfectly she captured my essence, and seemed to instinctively know exactly what I was looking for!

We went threw a couple rough drafts, and finally decided on a Blog Name that would again capture "me". I didn't want anything specific, that would take me in any sort of direction... I didn't want to label myself as anything else, I just don't think I fit into any one category, so in her brilliant infinite wisdom, she suggested "This Guys Journey". PERFECT! I said.

I have now registered a new domain, so you can link and bookmark directly too it should start working by tomorrow I'm guess ;)

I look forward to joining the community and getting to know everyone! :)

Until then,
Embrace the Journey


Jeremy said...


Ayre said...

LOVE IT!!!! Apparently Jer was signed in before and I didn't realize lol...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I can hear the applause from here!

You're very welcome and I'm really pleased with the results of our combined efforts!
It is indeed, very you...your journey, immortalized on the internet.
Thanks so much for your generous spirit, giving me kudos!
We had fun, didn't we?

ThisGuy said...

OMG boho! We had SO much fun!! I still cant get over how much it captures me!!! Thank you again SO much!! I owe you a nice big TEA!!! heheeh ;) talk soon!

Mamabean said...

Wicked... I love it! :) It's perfect for you, bebeh! :) You sound very pleased! :)

hay u said...

What the hell? i don't get it? I always knew you were crazy, but now i can see your nuts!
Younger sister advice:
Sleep more, strap your computer to a stationary bike, and make candles outside.
P.s. your cat is ugly!

For those of you that don't know me - now you do!!!!!!!!!

ThisGuy said...

LOL "Younger Sisters Advice" First off, I know my sisters well enough to know ones writing style over the others.... Should have titled it "Older Sisters Advice" me thinks =P LOL I'll get you, and your little dog too ;) Ps. Dont you have better things to be doing? Like taking care of your baby?? lol

Anonymous said...

okay.'s Beautiful... so can you write a new post?


*there's a cool meme on my blog if you have writer's block.

Quella said...

Keep up the good work.

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