Friday, July 25, 2008

...evening in the sky

Last night, we had a spectacular thunder and lightning storm here in Sherkston (outside Fort Erie on the US.Buffalo Boarder). I figured it would be easy to take my camera outside, and snap a few quick shots of the amazing bolts of lightning that penetrated the clouds and sky on their way to earth. Capturing this marvel was much more difficult than I had thought!

(Voila - Before and After... Click to Enlarge)

I am an avid photographer and figured it would be easy to capture a lightning bolt, after all, we see pictures of such in magazines, on TV and posters and figure its simple. I played around with my camera settings for almost an hour in order to start capturing light. I played with increasing and decreasing my ISO speeds from 1600 to 50 and back again. I changed my F-stops, my aperture settings a hundred times, in a hundred different combinations, and still only captured, what I think is a novice photo - I am going to blame the cloud tho, by the time I had things figured out the wind had moved my specimen a few kilometers away! I wasn't able to capture any lightning bolts, but I guess it wasn't too shabby for my first attempt.

Out of 556 pictures only a handful (4 actually) pictures turned out. I used my cameras high speed function, so it continually snapped pictures, but I guess some of my settings were off, or maybe the universe would rather just keep this beautiful phenomena a secret ;)

Well... I am going to head off to bed now, my sister and I are going "garage sailing" tomorrow, an awesome way to replace some of my furniture and to reuse common items. We usually do pretty well when we are out and about, but I will be sure to post pictures of my good finds... If you see me driving around tho, don't follow too close tho, I have been known to break pretty quick, and swerve for garage sale signs. lol

Until then,
Embrace the Journey
Bret =)


Anonymous said...

I want to go garage saleing!!!

I'm impressed with your photographic work. Nice black sky...original.
lol...actually the one with the clouds is cool. What kind of camera did you use?

Oh, and I LOVED the kind of weather!

solsticedreamer said...

Great photos!
I love searching out unwanted items and giving them a new life :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I am very impressed! That is unbelievably difficult to do, it's probably the other reason why when you get an amazing image like that they publish it, after being amazed by Nature's power.

Nature is my anti-depressant too so I'm feeling more hopeful.

Enjoy garage saleing for me! I am envious as well!

Ayre said...

Awesome pictures!! Storms are just amazing...I've always loved them!! Have fun garage sale-ing!

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