Sunday, July 27, 2008


So... I think I am Karmicly Screwed! I'm not too sure what I've done to be receiving all the back luck that has been sent my way, but something is up!

So as many of you already know, this past year has been hell for me. Just last month my apartment caught on fire, recently the transmission on my car is shot, and now this morning I smashed my laptop screen...

I can't even explain how I broke the screen, its an odd little story, but if you have a few minuets, here you go. The past month that I have been living with my dad, I have been staying in my mom's old room, mainly because its comforting to me, and there is an amazing king sized bed. I always bring my laptop to bed, to read blogs, sort threw pictures and catch up on some TV shows that I had missed over the week. Sometimes I fall asleep with the laptop on my lap, only to wake up in the same position, set the laptop down next to me and go back to sleep.

Last night I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, and woke up around 9am, thanks to the "call of nature". I noticed that my laptop was all the way across the room (a big room) on the floor, on the opposite side of the bed, on the opposite side of the room, which is about 20 feet away... Now, the odd thing is that the laptop was sitting like a triangle.... Imagine the laptop as a book, with the spine pointing straight up in the air towards the ceiling, and the screen and keyboard on either side... Like a triangle...

I guess the "obvious" answer is, I fell asleep, rolled over, and the laptop bounced and rolled off the bed, onto the floor 20 feet away...

I guess how it happened isn't really paramount, but I am wondering WHY things like this keeps happening? I don't understand it, am I doing something wrong? Is this some form of bad karma coming to me? I just can't figure it out! What is with the destruction of my personal property?

I have surmised that either:
1. I'm cursed
2. Karma is paying me back (for what I don't know)
3. I'm just clumsy
4. I need to be more careful with my things
5. Something out there doesn't like me very much...

I'm not a paranoid person, lol, so I don't think some evil spirit, or being has it "out" for me, but I guess I shouldn't rule out the possibility... I would also like to think that I'm a pretty good person, and I don't have this ugly dirty karmic soul... I'm hoping that I have just had a typical run of bad luck, that I've done some careless things that have affected me in a negative way... How do I know for sure tho? Is there a karma test out there??? LOL

Anyways... I am back up and running, my laptop is okay physically, I need to replace the screen, but in the meantime I am using an old CRT monitor as an external display... Takes the portability out of having a laptop, but maybe its a good thing that I can't take it all to bed with me tonight!! lol

Any suggestions for a karmic cleanse?

Until then,
Embrace the Journey.
Bret =)


Anonymous said...

Wow! This was fascinating to read.
I am so sorry about your laptop.

My thoughts...
Your apartment caught fire. That was accidental.
HOWEVER, sometimes paranormal events can happen when there's a shift (such as renovating) in an older home.
I'm thinking you may have "upset" some "former" residents with all the new work that is being done on your place. And maybe....just maybe, they wanted to destroy something of yours?
It's a bizarre theory, I know, but would make a good movie, don't ya think?
And the lap top being way on the other side of the room clearly indicates someone threw it. The question is who?
Don't be walking under any ladders or anything!

This Guy ~ Bret said...

Well, see thats what I thought too.. With moving into my dads, i've upset alot of things.. Like furnature placement, my stuff is all over the living room floor... I'm sure i've upset some balance.... BUT what I didn't go into are the problems that I've had in my last apartment... The fire, the voices, scratching noises, I was attacked in the shower... I know some people wont/dont understand this, but I think something followed me... I cleanse, and things are fine for 2-3 months.. Then all of a sudden things are back to crazyness... Im almost used to it by now, and wouldnt be complaining, but its costing me money now!! LOL

Sacred Suzie said...

I am so completely accident prone and this post broke my heart, how awful for you. I know what it's like to instantaneously destroy something valuable and important in a matter of seconds.

There are some people believe that people who are accident prone are actually really angry and don't know any other way to lash out their anger so they do it to themselves and to things around them. I don't know if I believe that, just thought I would pass that on to you.

This Guy ~ Bret said...

Suzie, that is acutally really interesting! I have heard that as well, actually a couple times! Since I'd be a little bias, I asked my friends and sisters if they consider me an "angry" person, and the only responce I got was, "we no your not, only with people who are intollerent, or when you think something is injust" LOL Yes, that definatly makes me angry... But life's litle mishaps, don't really phase me, I saw my apartment fire as a really great cleanse, and such a spirtual journey for me. My yoga keeps me balanced and centered too. I never really let myself get totally stressed out or angry... I feel so lost as to why this keeps happening.

How do you work around your "accident prone-ness"? Is there a trick, so I can stop breaking my things?? lol

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