Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Buds, Tulips and Yoga

Spring Spring Spring

There is no doubting it spring outside, to the budding trees and bushes to the blossoming tulips. I worked in the garden yesterday, for almost 5 hours, and right through the centre of an April Shower. Clearing off last years dead leaves and stems, the dog and I were just minding our own business when all of a sudden the skies turned dark and it poured rain for a good 10-15 mins. I continued worked in the gardens through the rain, it was suprisingly warm, and felt so cleansing. I guess the garden, the dog and I needed a good spring rain.

It seems around this time, every year that my body wants to fluff off the dead leaves and rebud and bloom, its an urge that usually sends me into a health kick for a while. This year its hit pretty hard, with me making many changes in my dietary and spirtual needs. 3 days ago I started a cleanse, being my first I really didn't know where to start, or what to do, I ended up at my local health food store and purchased the Renew Life CleanseSmart Kit. What I like about this kit was its a whole body cleanse, kidneys, liver, blood and colon. I think the hardest part of the cleanse has been the dietary changes. I've learned that White = Evil. White Bread, Rice, Butter, Milk, Cheese, its really been quite a change. I haven't eaten any of these, or processed food, or fast food. I feel great! Although I am still sleeping not very well, I think that has to do with the Sleep Apnea, but that is a whole other story....
I have also felt that its time again to start up my personal Yoga practice. I have followed the Hatha traditions now for quite a few years. I don't know why my yoga momenta winds down, mostly in the fall and winter. I guess as nature around us begins to hibernate, so do I. Being Spring, its time to dust off my mat, move the coffee table and strike up a downward facing dog. In the past I have studdied with instructors, in ashrams and locally, but for the past few years I have felt confident in my own personal practice. A few years back I bought a few Yoga instructional DVD's, just out of the bargin bins from Walmart and have found them very helpful. I usually pop one in the morning to set a balanced tone for the day. Spring is such a powerful time.
With Spring, also comes spring cleaning, which is my task today for my home.

Until next time ;) Bret

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Anonymous said...

omg. I love this post!
I wish I had a garden! (and a dog!)

I know exactly what you mean though, about spring and the cleansing feeling it brings.
Cheers to yoga!

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