Monday, April 28, 2008


Not tagging anyone, do it if you feel like it!

1. What I was doing five years ago:
~Living at home, happy, feeling safe and together....

2. Five things on my to-do list:
~ organize my herb cabinet
~ laundry
~ write and paint
~ get some bath salts
~ find a good fibre source

3. Five favourite smells:
~ nagchampa
~ gasoline (ya kinda scary)
~ geranium
~ a babys head
~ puppy breath

4. Five junk-food items I enjoy:
~ mcdonalds fried
~ chocolate icecream
~ pepperettes
~ salt and vinegar chips
~ freezies

5. Five favourite articles of clothing:
~ my old navy fleece
~ my pinstripe dress pants
~ my sexy blue undies (yeah imagine that)
~ my university "cartier" sweater
~ HATE socks!!

6. Five things I would do if I was a billionaire:
~ open a holistic store/spa
~ build a brand new house
~ open a home for unwed teen mothers AND preach to them threw their whole pregnacy (hahahah you know who you are)
~ 2 words : Punta Cana
~ open up a private school

7. Five of my bad habits:
~ I fall in love in about 8 mins
~ Im always late
~ Im not very self motivating
~ I'm needy, and need constant reassurance
~ Let people in too quickly

8. Five jobs I've had:
~ Marineland
~ Apple/HP Support
~ Purchasing Manager
~ Book keeper / Accounting
~ electrician

9. Five all time favourite movies:
~ Startrek (anything)
~ Anything Zombie
~ I am Legand
~ Girl, Interupted
~ Superbad

10. Five favourite bands/musicians:
~ Ani DiFranco
~ Indigo Girls
~ Jann Arden
~ Dixie Chicks
~ Gwen Steffani


Anonymous said...

Rock On! Cool list! I absolutely love that you have an entire cabinet dedicated to herbs!
And you fall in love in the first 8minutes? wasted time there!

And may you always feel safe, happy and together!

Mamabean said...

Hahah I like the smell of gasoline too... but not puppy breath, ew!! hahah =) And you fall in love in 8 minutes... I'll vouch for that! ;)

I should put this list on my blog... heheh =(

Mamabean said...

Mmmm... I'm eating Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream right now.. mmmmmmmmmmmm =)

Ayre said...

Are you sure it's 8 minutes?? :)

ThisGuy said...

HAHAHA Thanks all! Ya, its about 8 mins, maaaaaybe sooner for the right guy, i've actually been known to fall in love, AND have my heart crushed in 8 mins... LOL And now I want Icecream!! LOL

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