Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spirit Cleansing

Last week I posted some great Organic Cleaning recipes, and had an amazing response of comments and e-mails with lots more to add to my collection.

This week I'd like to post another kind of cleanse, a Spirit Cleanse. I do a great deal of work in the Niagara Region of Ontario Canada with Ghosts and Spirits, doing home cleanings for friends, people who seek me, and of course myself. If any of you have had this particular type of 'guest' in your home you know their presence can be anything from peaceful and relaxed, to disturbing and down right chaotic. When someone contacts me, they often start by saying the animals in the house have been acting weird, chasing things or growling at things that are not visible, or they've heard footsteps at night, or scratching from inside walls. Some report that they've been hearing voices, or have saw objects move, or caught someone walk across the room from the corner of their eye. On rare occasions I receive calls of desperation, from people who are being tormented by these spirits. If you are nodding your head now, you may want to read on.

First I'm asked why some ghosts, or spirits are kind, and don't cause much trouble, while some are destructive and are seeking to disturb the peace. My response is always the same; just as we have people in this present life who range from kind to cruel, so does the after life. Their second question is always "how the hell do we get rid of them"?

Continue reading and I will show you some time tested and fool proof methods to cleanse your home and rid any negative entity or energy that may be lingering. These methods are also excellent if you are moving into a new home and want to clear out the old tenants energy, or are just looking to do a little spiritual spring cleaning.

You live in your home, so you'll already know what may be lurking in the shadows, or the type of energy you're feeling that is causing worry. The first thing I do after walking through the front door is find a quiet place, central to the home and sit and open my senses. I sit quietly and open myself to any spirits, energy or vibes to get a good idea of what I am dealing with. I've always then said a prayer, to protect myself, the people in the house, and to send healing light to anyone who may need it. You don't have to be religious, or involve God in your prayer, your 'intent', and the energy you raise while you connect is most powerful.

Once I'm properly centered and grounded I prepare my cleansing supplies, usually consisting of the following:

Clearing Incense
Sweet Grass
a Sage Bundle
and, several White Candles

Once you are ready, you can begin. Light a white candle in every room. White is the color of clarity and peace. Light your incense and place it central to the house, usually in the living/family room. Next, and this is important, you want to open every window and door possible in the house, you want the flow of energy to be strong. You can pick any room to start in, usually I start at the front door with burning sage bundle in hand, my body surrounded in white light I bless the door, and say an incantation, or prayer that only good, love and joy can enter this home. That all negativity shall be refused entrance and be cast out of this place. While visualizing the smoke from the sage bundle and sweet grass creeping into every corner in the area, I bless the door (by laying on of hands) and ask for the universe/God/white light to protect this home from any being or person that may bring ill or negative energy. Leave the door open, and don't close it until last.

Working around the house in a circular pattern, in each and every room, and closet I bless each room, asking that all negative energy and spirits be released from this place and not allowed to return. That each room is filled with love, and peace, and happy energy. I extend the bright white energy that is radiating from my being to envelop the room. I bless each and every window that it will only bring through light, laughter and love and then close the window, signifying the closed doorway or path to any being that would want to bring negativity into this home.

Once I have finished each room, including all bathrooms, closets, nooks and crannies, I return to the front door, standing outside I bless the entire home, letting the white light that surrounds me to again envelop the house and property around it. Once I am done, I again bless the door to only allow entrance to good beings, love, light, and joy and close the door.

You will feel a sense that the air in the home is lighter, that feelings of negativity are gone, and the home has returned to a state of peacefulness.

Have any questions, need some advice? Just leave a comment, or e-mail me and I'll be sure to respond! Often I use Sea Salts, and Holy Water, even Vinegar for spirit cleanings and if you do as well I'd love to hear how!

Embrace your Journey,
AND the things that go bump in the night!
Bret =)


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

i like this a lot and wish i had done it in my old sat on the foot print of a 300 year + pub and we still had the old lean-to buildings where they kept the barrels, the cellar was under us and the old well under our neighbours. i was always seeing movement from the corner of my eye and at night there was a very strong 'something' one night going through back to bed 'it' breathed in my ear! luckily i always have the spirit of my mum's uncle jack with me so felt safe. here in our new place there is nothing apart from jack :)

mrsb said...

Though I don't talk about it often, I have helped a couple of people clear negative "things" out of their homes. The gratitude for doing it was overwhelming to me.

I tend not to talk about such things, because I don't want to come off looking like one of those kooks who charges money (I never have) to do things for people who are just plain scared.

It would be great if more people knew how to do this type of thing for themselves - and knew how it can affect them if something is hanging around.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

You know I love this stuff.
Now...there is this "ghost lady" who's pissed that I don't do my dishes every

Anonymous said...

Hey! That is so cool! I just stumbled across your blog and really liked this Spirit Cleanse. Think I might have been guided here, there have been some crazy things in my house lately. Sorry I'm leaving any Anonymous comment, I dont have a blog or one of these account, hope thats cool. Thanks for the awesome info, loved the organics cleaning suppplies too!

Eco Yogini said...

I Just found your blog from Boho Mom's post! SO FUN!
While I lived in Montreal my friend and I both had spirits co-habiting our places- mine felt quite peaceful and positive, while hers was definitely a negative energy. While I didn't do anything about mine, she used a black candle for banishing with hers (she often felt a male presence watching her while she slept with the scent of male cologne lingering for hours).

I found it interesting you used white candles... and see the merit- what do you think about black?

I'm going to have fun exploring! :)


Dia said...

Thanks for sharing this! My kids tend to sense presences more than I do - my daughter's lived in several homes that had spirits - usually benign.
A few years ago a client mentioned that they had an old house at their winery where the interns stayed, & that the current occupants were worried about presences. I gave her some tips - similar, smudge, candles, going thru the house, . . . the next week she said a Native American woman had come & done a banishing, & the energy was now clear.
In the past, they'd only had male interns in that house, & no complaints - either they didn't feel the spiritual 'action,' or didn't want to admit it!
You can also go use burning epsom salts - that was sug. to clear former occupant's energy - heat proof pan, use rubbing alcohol over the salts & light (good to put the pan on a heatproof surface.
& a psychic suggested putting quartz crystals at the outer corners of my new home, to hold the energy. I have a neat land clearing over at the Vale :)

Samantha said...

Hi Bret ~ this is interesting and timely that I found you, as I've just had to do a big cleanse on my place ... still in progress really. I've had trouble ever since I moved in here. Nothing too malicious, and a few lost souls that I've had to move on. But there is something else about this place that I've been struggling to put my finger on. Oh, it's a v long story .... I could really go on.
In short(ish), it's a fantastic little house, but I have often felt that the house is against me in some way. Do you believe in consciousness within things like the walls? I do.
The lady that lived here before me was in her 60s and had to move out due to ill health, of which she did not survive for more than a couple of months. I knew that it wasn't her spirit here, but it's like the walls have absorbed years of her sadness. Actually, it feels more like intense loneliness, fear and anger. I'm really sensitive and I know I've been picking it up and taking it for my own ~ even acting a bit weird.
So, I've never had to do this sort of cleanse before, but I'm working on it. I've been burning loads of sage, and spraying a purification oil that I've added to holy water, with some frankincense oil. I'm leaving sacred chants playing in the house when I go out and burning candles.
Any other suggestions?
I think it could take some time for the house to be fully purified, but I know I'm feeling better already.

Bright Blessings,

Anonymous said...

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