Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Moving!

In the 4 minuets it will take for the tea kettle to boil, I am writing a new post to keep everyone up to date! My past week, well two weeks really have been super crazy busy! I have been painting mostly, and now in the past few days I have been moving. Small van fulls at a time, furniture, dishes and memories. I have a dishwasher, so the most time consuming thing is washing dishes, each load takes about 45 minuets, and I am running each set of dishes/glassware through 2 loads (just to make sure all the smokey residue from the fire is gone). Everything is coming out nicely tho, and I am very impressed at how my little apartment is again becoming my home.

Its true what they say; home is where the heart is. I had thought I lost that feeling in the fire, but now with the process of moving back I am beginning to feel it again. This is where my heart has been, hiding the whole time. Who would have knew?
I've been able to read a bunch of your blogs, but not make comments yet. I try to make my comments as thoughtful and dear to your heart, as your writing is dear to mine. In the next couple of days I will make up for lost time (blogging from my new couch no less) and be in touch with everyone!

Until then,
Embrace the Journey wherever it leads you.
Home is where the heart is. Its your temple, your sacred space.
Its where your family gathers, your children are raised and your soul resides.
Paint, hang pictures, display artwork. Inject yourself into those blank walls, and your house will truly become your home.
Bret xoxo


solsticedreamer said...

lovely Bret :)
i almost feel you and some others here are together on some special new adventure, finding new roots, settling back into old roots~its amazing.
'Home is where the heart is'...have you read the book?

Ayre said...

I'm so glad to hear you're found it!! I'm also INCREDIBLY glad that you'll be just around the corner again!!!! YAY!! STITCH AND BITCH AND TEA WITH MITTS!!!!! :D:D:D

Pam said...

Settling back is a good way to put it. Our move is next Monday, settling back into an area we grew up in, closer to ageing parents. We've been around the world and back and I've liked living far away, but this place in the world to settle, is my husband's choice now. Suprised me I must admit.I'm pleased about renting however. It gives an easier option for a way out if things don't work out as planned.Happy moving Bret.Like you, I'm not adverse to fresh starts in familiar places.

Nydia said...

Hi, Bret! Be welcome in your new/old home again, light a good incense and a white candle, feel yourself blessed with this new phase! I'm thrilled for you!

Kisses from Nydia.

solsticedreamer said...

hey lovely i have tagged you ;)

Jennifer said...

YOU are so RIGHT!! :)

I'm glad you found your heart and that you seem to be doing great and lovin' being back at your old place!! :)

i know what you mean about moving and doing and painting and cleaning and all that... we have been working our butts off and honestly you can't really tell just yet.

i can't believe how hard it is to get things done with kids though. i wish you lived closer to me so you could help me with colors and ideas for decorating and also to paint and for support. you seem to have it all pulled together and going so smooth... i'm sure it hasn't all been roses for you... but I'm so envious that you are making such great progress, but I'm also very happy for you!! :)

Since we have to move in our "new" house and out of our "old" house in only TEN days, we are going to focus on the the upstairs and get that ready and then we can work on the downstairs while we are living there...

there is is so much to do in the ten days that i often find myself walking around in circles wondering where to start first. which is generally not my nature at all... so i guess i need to just give myself one quick bitch slap to wake up and get a move on. lol

anyway... good luck. congratulations. i'm very happy for you. i wish you all the best, although i'm pretty sure you have all the best already.

lots of love n hugs!!

Moonroot said...

Dear Bret,

As a Cancerian, home and roots are really important to me. I'm wishing you great happiness in your new surroundings and I'm so glad you are feeling at home already.

And... Tag - you're it! Details on my blog (but no pressure until you have time to do it!!)

Jane said...

I'm so happy that you are reconnecting with that house spirit again. It's a wonderful feeling to walk in to your living space and feel content and grounded.

I'm sure you are having fun "reinventing the wheel" there in terms of decor. That's always the best part for me anyway.


Anonymous said...

How can you be so positive about all this? - I am going to either drop dead or go insane.

xoxoxoxo- thanks for your help with the yard sale - THAT was fun!

Nydia said...

Hi Bret! As if you're not busy enough, I just tagged you!

Kisses from Nydia.

Jen said...

There is something for you on my blog and tag...

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