Friday, October 24, 2008

TAGGED!! I've Been Hit!

I love these tags!! I've got a few moments to spare while I catch up on life, this bottle of wine and the rest of the box of chocolate covered cheesecake squares. Yes, they are as wonderful as they sound, and no, you may not have any! hahaha. So here we go! :)

I've been tagged by a few of my blogging friends out here, so here they are!!
The always wonderful Andy at The Spiritual Journey Of A Somerset Pagan
The ever vibrant Solstice Dreamer
A kick ass artist; Jen at Chasing Domestic Bliss
The ever inspiring Nydia at Bringing up Salamanders
A strong woman who brings me to tears all the way from a Welsh Hillside; Moonroot

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random Things About Me:

1. I hate socks. Don't ask me what it is about wearing socks, but I just can't do it. I am very huggy and tactile, and like to feel the world beneath me. I love the feeling of rocks, sand, grass and even snow on my feet. I like to feel connected to the Earth, anyway I can.

2. I am a Gemini, and its VERY obvious. One personality likes to build decks, rewire houses, camp, chop wood, and work on cars WHILE the other personality likes to stay home with the kids (not mine of course) bake cookies, knit, crochet, plant flowers and do facials from the bathtub.... Both very different people who make up my personality.

3. I am claustrophobic, my mom was too. I can't stand to be stuck in tight spaces, or even see people crawl through those cool underground caves on the discovery channel. I have nightmares for weeks when I see that. I dream of being stuck in a tunnel, faced with a dead end, with no room to turn around. Sometimes I wake up gently sobbing.

4. I've been told that I am an amazing kisser and cuddler, however only a very select people know this hehehe. I should open a kissing booth, 1$ - any takers?

5. Birthday/Christmas/Holiday Card shopping makes me cry. I get past about 3-4 cards before I start to cry after reading words that touch or inspire me. I cry very easily, its easy for me to let my guard down. Get that from my mom too... lol I can't fight verbally with someone either, half way through my sentences I cry and make no sense when I'm upset or hurt.

6. My feelings bruise easily and I am easily hurt. The opposite is true as well tho, its the small things in life that bring me great joy and pleasure. Phone calls, little notes and random messages that show you care :)

So there you have it! Six random things about me...
Thank you all for tagging me, I love these, its fun to get to know our fellow bloggers! :)

The six I am tagging at random (hopefully you haven't been tagged already - so feel free to do this, or pass it on) are:

1. BohoMom @ Words from a Single Bohemian Mom - My partner and crime and moving buddy this month!! lol
2. Jennifer @ Crazy, Magic, Sometimes Hectic, Beautiful LIFE! - Always seems to inspire me, I hold on to her words like glue! Check this girl out!!
3. Dee @ iGoddess - Grounding, Centering - like a day at the spa, Dee is where I check my Moral Compass when I'm headed off path.
4. Mary @ Mary Says - One of the kindest, funniest ladies on the Net! Shes a hoot and a 1/2!
5. JJJJJane @ The Painted House - What can I even say really? Jane inspires me, and her words help me climb the rope, and continue on when I think I'm at the end.
6. Amie @ The Cross Stitch Bitch - That's right, she cross stitches AND shes a Bitch! Check out Amie if your a creative bitch (come on - we all know we are)

Keep safe,
Have a wonderful weekend
Embrace the Journey
Bret xoxo


solsticedreamer said...

chocolate covered cheesecake squares? ohh they sound fantastic~please just a tiny taster for me??!
thanks too for telling us some of your randomness :)

Ayre said...

Hahahah, I thought I was the only idiot crying in the card aisle at Walmart!! hehe...blogging it!

Anonymous said...

omg - I didn't know you were must have been horrible for you when you were carrying my Ikea shelving unit up the "tunnel of death stairs". Good thing it was too big and you were able to bring it in from the outside.
Did I say thanks a million for that?
luv ya!

Oh, and let's go card shopping - I want to see this...:p

Anonymous said...

Yes I am know you are a very good cuddler and kisser.

I mean I would imagine that you are ..I wouldn't know or anything.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous comment was left by me...Chris.

Happy now !? :P

CrystalChick said...

Not sharing the wine or choco cheesecake??? That's just wrong. :*(

Love to read things about others. I'm just nosey that way. ;)
And of course I will do one for you on my page.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

CrystalChick said...

Happy Diwali!
You have a beautiful inner light. :)

I am working on the 6 things meme. Hopefully, it'll be up soon.

Bhavana said...

Hi! I notice we frequent the same blogs so I definitely needed to check you out. And you rock! yay :) love the random facts

Jane said...


thanks for tagging me. I'll try to get it done because I love, love, love the listing thing but I find myself barely able to get to my favorite blogs these days :((

I can share 2 thins here:

1. I have this wierd phobia of people walking behind me. It makes my skin crawl. Just the sound of someone's feet when I can't see who they are feels really creepy.

2. I've always wanted to enter a pie eating contest and/or have a pie thrown in my face. No, I'm not kidding. I love pie so much. The perfect one?? It would definitely be some sort of chocolate/boston cream pie with whipped cream topping. I've even gone so far as to google a contest in my area but alas, can't find one :((

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