Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Painted House..

OK, so I stole the title from the always wonderful Jane at The Painted House, but it sorta applies to the last week or two of my journey. I've made the decision, written the checks and started to move back into my old/new apartment in the historic Victorian house in Niagara Falls. It was quite a decision to make, but in the end I had to take my own advice and realize that the universe is looking out for me, this is part of my path, and part of my journey, and everything happens for a reason. Ultimately in the end, I figured that if the powers that be didn't want me to move back in, they would have torched the whole house! lol

I opened the front door to reveal a sense of home that I thought I had lost. With my friend Amie by my side, I walked in only to discover that they had painted the entire apartment their standard Yellow. Now, when I say yellow, I don't mean a nice shade of cream, or a calming golden poppy, it screamed lemon yellow!

First thing was first. I headed to home depot and found my old colour swatches for the living room. If you remember (pictures in a few posts below) my living room was a medium shade of chocolate, and my hallway was creme. I had a few cans of paint mixed, along with a few recycled cans that my sister was finished with and set to work.

In the first night of painting my friend Julie (who conveniently lives only 4 doors down) finished the living room, kitchen and hallway. It sure helped to have a second hand. She cut in all the corners and trim, and I came along with the roller and rolled on my fab colours! The next night I took my bed linens into Home Depot and they colour matched them to a paint colour called Canadian Sky, I love it, and in a few hours finished my bedroom. Check out these pictures! ;)

The only problem I am really having is the two bathrooms. The floors are now very dark - as they were the old hex shaped glass tiles before, now they are dark tiles in shades of browns and red. Prior to the fire, my bathrooms were blue, spa like, but it seems now that my old decor wont match with the new, which is okay. I can adapt, change is good, right?? *Bites Fingernails*

I was thinking to either paint the two bathrooms the Kitchen Green (fully) or do a beige on the bottom, green or brown on the tops, and accessorize accordingly. What does everyone think? I could REALLY use some decoration advice here!! I can't see the finished product like I normally would, my old bathroom is still stuck in my mind! Check these pictures to give you a better idea of the layout and design....

See how the floors are now so dark? I don't do dark well... I wanted the bathroom to be, fresh, and alive, and spa like. Something calming and relaxing, not comfortable and homey... Does that make sense?? hehehe So what do you think? ;)

Also, just a painting tip for everyone. There is no easy way to say this... No gentle way to put it... So here it goes... Those with da Fat Ass should not stand a chair to paint! That's right, This Guy's fat ass did a little chair damage over the weekend, however the constant laughter of the site in which I left the chair kept both Julie and I rather amused. So if you have a weak stomach, and hate to see a good chair in pain, you may not want to look at the next picture...

Yup, that's all that is left of it. As it lays in ruins on the hallway floor I can only imagine that out there some tree hugging hippie heart is breaking at the thought that a tree was cut down to build this chair, only to have my fat ass break it to provide some comic relief in an other wise boring afternoon...

Embracing the Journey, while ladder shopping...

Bret =)


Anonymous said...'s absolutely gorgeous!
I love the pics. The colours are beautiful.
What was the final deciding factor in moving back?

As for the bathrooms, I would paint them an icy blue, like a spa and white accessories to set off the dark floors. But that's just me, the person who paints everything orange. lol

I too am in the painting/packing/moving mode...exhausting, isn't it?

Can't wait to come over for a housewarming party!

Ayre said...

I love the colours you have painted so for the bathroom, I like them dark and so I'm no help there.

Poor chair. Well, it's served it's life's purpose...only the good die young so it must have been a pretty awesome chair.

Love the couch btw!

mrsb said...

LOL! I was jealous of the yellow :O) I'm partial to that color, but then again, I go for the homey/comfy look.

You sound happy to be moving back into your apartment! Sounds like it was just the right choice to make. Congrats!

Jane said...

I'm laughing my ass off over here at the chair. I foolishly attempted to hang a painting using my son's red plastic swivel chair. It wasn't pretty.

I'm with Boho on the spa look. I love white trim against any color. I would use an icey blue or pale green and find some pieces of cool sea glass to put around. Kind of gives the feel of a serene walk at the beach. And I would definitely hang some calming nature shots underneath a few of those glass frames that are held together with metal clips.

I was lucky in this current rental. The dining room was already painted a deep chinese red and the rest of the house is done in a tanish kaki color.

Martha Stewart has spoken....LOL

Light and hugs

Sorrow said...

I promise, asa tree huggie hippie, I am shedding no tears...
Unless You throw the remains in the trash, and don't make something fun and frivolous out of the remains!

Nydia said...

How great that you decided moving back! The apartment is beautiful, I like those windows on the living room. The color change made a huge difference from the yellow. For the bathroom, I'd follow Boho's suggestion, I'm so bad at this kind of thing!!! Christine, from a nice girl with good ideas, worthy a try if you want.
Try to relax a bit, and do tay away from fragile chairs whie painting! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.

solsticedreamer said...

Bret what a totally gorgeous place you have~i think you are right to return and the feeling you think the same comes right out the screen at me!
i just love that sky blue!!!

the bathroom...well i like the whole country cabin thing (wait until i post my picture ;)) but i see what you mean about the floor...we have gone with old fashioned black and white tiles!

Andy said...


Just to let you know that I've tagged you on my blog! Please pop over and have a look, and if you can, can you follow through on the tag please?

Thanks! Andy

Jen said...

What a lovely apartment...
The Victorians new how to make um..
My opinion on the colour for your bathroom....gray. I know its crazy and its hard to see if the dark floors would go but gray is the new in, fresh colour. I think you could make it sparkle with some chrome accessories or brushed metal and crisp white. And don't forget a lovely plant or two for some green.
I love to decorate, but alas must wait until we own our home before making wall paint choices. Some day though I will be a fixture at Home improvement stores. Have fun.

Sacred Suzie said...

Fantastic! I think it probably just wanted a facelift. Dark floors are easier in a way because you don't have to be so vigilant at making them gleam. I have found that refreshing in my bathroom although not so much the dusty rose, LOL. :)

CrystalChick said...

Look at all those windows full of beautiful light!
The colors are great. I'm sure you're going to be really happy there once again.
And having 2 bathrooms is like a dream. OMG, there are 6 of us in my little house right now and we all share just ONE. Can I come stay with you for a little while, just 'til Daughter and Co. move out?? LOL Actually, they are making settlement on a place not too far from us real soon. :)
Best wishes for many years of happiness and memory making in your new/old place. Enjoy!

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