Saturday, November 22, 2008

...feeling like homo, OH I mean home!

I've been putting off bringing my cat home to my apartment for about a month now. I wanted to have some things in place before I reintroduced him to our space - for example a few good scratching posts so he doesn't tear the hell out of my couch. On the stove I warmed some grapeseed oil and a few hand fulls of catnip over a double boiler. I let it warm over night, strained it this morning and bottled the oil after applying a few drops to the scratching posts. I am trying to make them really attractive for Friskey. He hasn't scratched the post or couch yet (that I've caught him doing) for now he seems content to sit in the sunny windows and watch the children play in the snow down below.

When I discovered my apartment was on fire I bolted past a few firemen, ran upstairs and tried to gain entry past my door to save him. Of course my efforts were thwarted by the firemen at the top of the stairs... I was willing to risk it to save him, after all I would just be returning the favour - he's always been there for me when I needed him. I never realized how attached I could be to a cat. Originally I had only adopted him because I felt bad about drinking alone... I didn't want to feel like I had a problem - and getting a cat was the perfect solution! LOL

This past week I had a lunch date with one of my favourite bloggers Bohemian Mom. We went to a little local restaurant - The Blue Star - it's been around since before Christ was born, my grandparents used to meet there for lunch before they were married. The Blue Star has two dining options 1. the fancy new dining room, and 2. the original 50's style dining room. We chose the original dining room because we knew we were going to be loud and obnoxious and didn't want to disturb anyone else. However the seats in this dining room were built for Kate Moss and we just didn't fit as well as we would have liked too... As much as I like boho I don't want to sit on her lap until I've had a few drinks. We switched to the other dining room....

Boho gave me an AMAZING house warming gift too! A hand carved, Indonesian statue of Buddha. I was thinking I could place him on my alter but ultimately chose my fireplace mantle. It looks great!! Thanks Boho I love it!! :)

What I am reading...

Boho also gave me this amazing book; "Why Gay Guys Are a Girl's Best Friend" written by Karen Rauch & Jeff Fessler. It's hilarious! Have a look at one of the random pages...

On the left it reads "Gay guys regularly join you at the gym to keep your bodies trim and fit" and on the right it reads" Straight guys religiously go to the gym to watch the woman's boobs jiggle on the StairMaster."

Funny AND true! (However I haven't seen a StairMaster since 1906).

Well it is officially the weekend and I am hoping for some warmer weather but it doesn't look like that is gonna happen, so I am going to embrace the snow, make a few cups of Rice Milk Hot Chocolate and read a good book in front of the fireplace.

Enjoy your weekend
Embrace your journey!
Bret xoxo

PS. Don't tell the Cat, but he's getting bathed today! ;)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet Frisky.

The original 50's dining room was badass..but you are correct the Kate Moss seating in the other section was lame :P

It was nice to meet Boho Mom as well you are both the cats pajamas.


Randilin said...

That book looks to funny. Great looking blog I'll have to make sure I check in regularly

Anonymous said...

Haha! the Kate Moss booths - Love it! And yes, the Blue Star has been there since dinasours ruled the earth.
It was a great day and we have to get together more often.
I am impressed with your catnip recipe/scratch-repelling recipe. I may have to try that. That pic of Friskey is gorgeous! - should be in a magazine or something.

The Buddha looks very pleased to be living on your mantle.

Sacred Suzie said...

What a sweet cat! I am assuming then the fire fighters saved him? I'm so glad, I would have howled like a banshee to get inside too. Making your own catnip oil...genius!

I envy you and Bohemian Mom getting together like that and what fantastic presents, absolutely wonderful and fun.

Staying warm with hot chocolate and grateful the power's on!

mrsb said...

Oh, crap, I was wondering what to get my best friend for Xmas. I'm so going to look on Amazon for that book!

Your cat is beautiful. I have 3, and I love them all, but I have one that I'm super attached to - a one eyed, bottle fed rescue. I would run back into the building for her, too (and, you know, my kids as well ;O)

I'm glad to find another Brian Kinney fan. I have the entire QAF boxed set (hubby got it for me last Xmas!). I've rarely loved watching a relationship unfold more than watching Brian and Justin. I could watch their prom dance over and over. Just call me a big ol' hag, lolz.

Dia said...

Glad you got your kitty home! The buddha on your altar looks like the one I just moved to it's new altar (fuzzy photo on VV blog)!!
I love your posts - makes me miss one of my 'best friends!'
I got a dog last year, (Gracie chihuahua, who is curled up in my lap) & my dau commented I 'should have' gotten one years ago, it would have saved me several rel. that we might as well not mention! (Lipids - Last Inappropriate Person I Dated) . . .


solsticedreamer said...

the diner sounds great...i wouldnt cope with the tiny seating either!

i bet it really will feel like home with frisky there, how cute!

iGoddess said...

DYING of envy over here, that you and Boho get to get together for lunch, buddha statues, and making fun of kate moss!!!

i guess i need to get my butt to canada, huh? =P

and i'm SO JEALOUS of your new buddha statue! i've been wanting one for-E-ver...but i can't find the one i want. but you're so lucky!!!

and dude, how many times have i caught some guy staring at my boobs on the elliptical? not that i've got much in a sports bra, but you know what i mean! >.< come to think of it, i'm envious of Boho, too. i need me a good, solid, stand-up gay friend.

(between you and me, the first time i ever read your blog, i thought to myself, "i need to marry this guy, he's PERFECT! betcha he's gay..." LOL!!

I heart you!!!

Ayre said...

Awww Friskey's homo..I mean home!!! Yay!!! Hey, where was *I* on this so called lunch date???? hhhmmmmppphhh. Fine then. ;) Now you have to make up for too Boho Mom!!!

Nydia said...

Oh how I hate my co´mputer these days! It simply doesn't allow me to see any photo!! Arght! But anyway, it's so cool that you wanted to get things ready for your cat before bringing him home, Bret... I should have done the same for Baruck. The poor kitty hid behind the stove for days before getting used to our apartment when we moved two years ago.
And how cool to have lunch with Boho, she's awesome! I bet you had fun.

I'll try to see Friskie tomorrow at the office's computer.

Thanks for your supportive words about my moving, you're sweet. And yes, we'll have internet at home (gods, I'd die without it!!)!

Kisses from Nydia.

NapoleonOverlap said...


Jody and I and Pam just went to Blue Star on Sunday morning, and had brekkie, which as always was delicious. But we opted NOT to sit in the Kate Moss section because i like to breathe and move at the same time while enjoying my ya. We sat in the geriatric wing instead:) Gotta love Blue Star.

So congratulations!! Amie told me the good news about Minacs eh?? WOOOOO!! Told you you'd get it!! When do you start?

M xo

Pam said...

We've moved, and of course I miss that little cat Dennis that used to live next door to our old place, so I'll look forward to what your Frisky is up to. Your apartment looks great! Enjoy the hot chocolate, and yes, I was never much one for the mop - bit like your Gran I am.

Anonymous said...

I believe your invitation to the lunch date got lost in the
Actually, it was the same day as your first Dr. appointment.
Girl, we needed you there to help us find a seat!! omg! It was like musical chairs. lol :)

Moonroot said...

What a beautiful cat! Glad you are both settling in OK.

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