Saturday, November 29, 2008

...finding my muse

She was hiding behind the couch all along!

My muse has never been too far from me, always a constant source of inspirations weather I am baking, writing, painting or crocheting. I've found lately shes been rather absent, not from her own doing of course, more from my own inability to connect with her. I've found it rather hard to feel her light this past month which is most likely due to the busyness of my life and constant flow of moving boxes and job interviews, however after the other nights cleanse with the new moon, lead by the always inspiring Sacred Suzie I was able to hear her gentle words again.

I still feel sorta stuck tho, does anyone else know what I mean? Even with blogging, things are very quiet in the community. Are some of us just feeling "outta sorts"? I decided to book an appointment with my holistic therapist to reassess the composition of Bach flowers I am working with and to just get a good check up, see if there were any blockages. We did a life assessment, going a little deeper in to my past, childhood, and current emotional state. It will be a few days before I meet with her again, it allows her some time to go over my details and find the right remedy for me.

I've always done a great job of being able to cleanse my space, but often neglect cleansing myself. Being someone who is empathic, clairvoyant and psychic its really important to properly ground and cleanse myself regularly. I've talked to Suzie about this a few times too, we tend to pick up and hold on to so much in the course of a day, and not all pleasant thoughts or emotions either. I've often held on to others negative baggage for alot longer than I should have. I cleanse myself like I cleanse my space. I light clearing incense and envision my body being taken over by a brilliant white cleansing light which originates in my chest. Slowly I let the ball grow and grow to push out and cleanse all the negativity from my body. I allow it to expand outside my body and sit in that light. I envision a cord from my back, or roots from my feet digging deep deep down into the Earth allowing me to ground, dump excessive negative vibrations and recharge. I smudge myself too, usually with sweet grass, I find that sage gives me nightmares - everyone is different tho. I love to meditate, sitting a white candle on my alter, its my time to recharge.

All these are good after you have encountered a source of negativity, but what can we do to protect ourselves in the moment? Lets face it, we all know someone, friend or family that is overly negative. Sometimes its hard to do whats best for us and dismiss that toxic friend, or limit contact with an overbearing family member so instead I 'put my up shields'. I simply envision a energy barrier between myself and the negativity. I can imagine the negative vibes bouncing off the shield and away from me. Nothing gets through that shield, its like my magick mirror. Give it a try next time someone is outwardly attacking you verbally. Put up your shield, and watch how quickly they give up and walk away, this is great if you work with the public in some sort of Customer Service atmosphere.

AH! Fresh Ideas - my Muse has whispered! I am grabbing my paint brushes, watercolours and a blank canvas!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
Brightest Blessings, Embrace the Journey.


Pam said...

Lots of interesting postings since I last had the chance to visit you Brett. I've had fun catching up. Your Christmas tree looks wonderful. I learn good things from my visits here too, ie about smudging sage(nightmares- very interesting), and methods of cleansing auras.I have white built-in robes in our main bedroom, and it took me my suprise to see(against this background) the aura around my arms and hands being quite murky.I see auras of others very clearly if a background is light, and it often catches me off-guard, particularly my own!

Anonymous said...

"Lets face it, we all know someone, friend or family that is overly negative. Sometimes its hard to do whats best for us and dismiss that toxic friend..."

Aint it the truth! Going through exactly this in the recent past.

I'm glad you found your muse again. Now that I'm all unpacked and settled, and once again littering the city with my resumes, I'm manifesting my perfect job!

At the same time, I'm making a committment to my art and writing. While it's not very lucrative, that's no reason to let it go. It's too much a part of my soul.

My space clearing went very well. I felt a definite shift almost immediately. A peaceful, hopeful shift. It was such a great and uplifting experience led by the always kind and caring Suzie - that girl knows her stuff!

I agree, it has been somewhat quiet
around the blogging community. Everyone is nesting, maybe, in preparation for winter.

*Embrace the journey - right back atcha!

solsticedreamer said...

oh i like made me realize how much negative rubbish i carry with me all the time and even in the dark of night bring up more...arrgghhh its time i did something about it. thank you for making me see this bret xoxoxo

there is something for you over at mine :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Thank you for your kind and gentle words. Cleansings help but it's true, when you pick up on everything, it's hard. I guess paying attention to what is our crap as oppose to someone else's is a good way to figure out where the negative energy is coming from.

I have been very creatively uninspired. It's all I can do to get off the couch these days, even after my cleanse. I don't know why, we must be going through a communal phase of lethargy. I hope it passes soon. Sounds like it already has for you! Woohoo!

Jane said...


Yes, I do know the "quiet" feeling of our blogging community and I also wonder if everyone else has 1000 things being processed in their head at one time like I do.

I think I can safely say that at times, I play the part of the positive person and some times the part of the negative person. Either way, when you're dealing with negativity, it's draining. I like your cleansing routine and I admit to not clearing my space as much as I should. These days, I should have sage burning 24/7!!

I started the drastic measure of packing away my art supplies the other day. I've been so dead with my creativity that it actually hurt to walk by my art supplies every day knowing that I haven't created anything in almost a year. I'm working through that issue. My feeling is that I've put too much stress on the idea of having to profit and call myself an artist that I totally lost the ability to just enjoy making something. I'm praying daily to get it back again.

What clearing incense are you using on your body? I've tried incense in the past but have never found quite the right scent.

Dia said...

We all know someone, . . .
Love your musings on energy clearing, & YEA that your muse has returned!!

Last week I had a 'reading' with our new lady doc, so she could prctice new skills from a workshop on tapping in intuitively, & she 'noticed' a couple of cords I needed to snip (well, could if I chose - I chose to!!)
One of the images I like to use is of a 'spring' (like being inside a big slinkey) around the aura - anything helpful or positive comes through, & the negative bounces off!


Jennifer said...

hello love, sorry i haven't been around. :S it has been crazy here. and i wanted to come by when i could leave some appropriate comment love for you.

i love this post and i'm so glad that you are starting to feel better! and that you found your muse.

I've been a total stressed out bitch lately... i think i need to do some searching too.

I also love the idea of the sheild. i need to remember that... i need to practice and master that... i often times get all wrapped up in the negative shit that is going on become part of the drama... which i dislike so much. you are right though... put a sheild. they can't do anything about it... but walk away. i have to learn a lot of these things, i am always stressing myself over family members or friends and their crap. if i just choose not to be part of it or to let it affect me then it won't.

i love coming here and reading about your dicoveries and life and how to fix things in my own life as well. :)

thank you for sharing.
xoxoxox HUGS!!!

Ayre said...

I can't wait to see the new art your muse has inspired you to create!!!

Moonroot said...

Wise words, Brett. I identified with so much of what you said. I really need to do some energy cleansing, I think. It does get neglected, and it does catch up with you.

On another note, I have nominatyed you for an award. Details on my blog.

Serena said...

I love the idea of putting up shields to deflect negativity. You are so right, sometimes, negative people can be hard to avoid when they are friends or family. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

testing 1-2-3

iGoddess said...

hey you hot, sexy, rockalicious awesome guy, you!

we miss you here!

*miss miss miss, love love love!*

can't wait to see you back online, sharing your adventures, and just being such a wonderful and bright spot in the iVillage.

i miss you, hon!

Nydia said...

Dear Bret, I just love your blog, love the way you express yourself, and I totally respect you. Gods bless you always! You rock!!!!

And damn stupid people in this world, they're useless.

Kisses from Nydia.

Anonymous said...

Listen here dude! You're off blog probation now...I'd like to read a fabulous post about the season.

So "Don We Now Your Gay Apparel" and write something!

For the love of the little baby Jesus....write something!!!

Nydia said...

Hello, Bret... I`m as stubborn as Boho, and I add my voice to hers to ask you, beg you, please... Speak up again! Let me tell you, we love you. I do even knowing you for such a little time. I`m good at knowing souls.

I hope you have a fantastic new year night, and hope to see you again often here.

Kisses from us.

iGoddess said...


...dude. where are you???

not posting blog entries makes baby jesus cry.

*still hears crickets chirping*

every day you don't post something, God kills a kitten!


DAMMIT!!! at least let us know you didn't fall off the planet!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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