Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Has everyone taken a second today and realized that we are 1 month away from Christmas? I'm not entirely sure where the past few months have gone too. Where are they?? I want them back!!

My mom was always very big on Christmas, she always decorated the house from top to bottom with garland, ceramic villages, colourfull glass balls, red bows, snowmen and anything else Christmas she could get her hands on. Since my moms has passing last year I've been living on my own, I haven't really had the "Christmas Spirit"... I haven't decorated my apartment at all. Two nights ago I dreamt that she came to tell me to get my ass in gear and at least put up a Christmas tree, I half remember arguing back and fourth with her but ultimately she won, which is evident by the decorated tree now standing in my living room. She must have been to my friend Amie's that night too, because In the morning she messaged me to say "Hey, do you need a Christmas Tree, I have an extra one here..." Geeze, imagine that! Thanks Mom! LOL

My sister came over and helped me adjust the base and fluff the branches, string the lights and place the star at the top of the tree. Although its a simple process to assemble and decorate a tree it was nice to have my sisters here since my mom can't be. After all this is the first time I've put up a Christmas Tree... Thanks Amie! :)

Amie herself is a special woman. She has an amazing blog which you can check out at http://soapboxandotherstuff.blogspot.com/ Her blog is ever changing and ever evolving, much like Amie herself. We've been friends for nearly 10 years now and I've been witness to her evolution. Amie is a wonderful mother of two (plus one on the way), a loving wife, a beautiful daughter and an amazing best friend! (And not just because of the free Christmas Tree hahaha)

As a Gay Man who eventually wants to settle down and have a few Children of my own, Amie holds a special place in my heart. She is an angel in disguise to those who can't carry their own Children - Amie is a surrogate. It really takes a special person to carry someone else's child, which Amie has done twice now, first a set of beautiful twins (delivered by C-section) and second a beautiful boy (delivered naturally - 10 lbs - naturally lol). You can check out her birth stories HERE. I am truly happy that she and the love of her life are now able to have a baby of their own! I can't wait for the upcoming winter nights - Amie comes over and we crochet a storm of blankets, booties and baby hats! Amie is also a brilliant seamstress and will be doing her part for the environment by sewing and using mainly cloth diapers! How smart!! I love getting back to the basics! So look forward to some crafty ideas on our blogs in the up and coming weeks! :)

This is how an e-mail will eventually look:
Dear Amie,
Remember how you let me borrow that Christmas tree a
while back? Well its great, but I'm wondering this Christmas season if you could
let me borrow your uterus for about 9-10 months...


Hopefully by the time I'm ready shes not 34 with a womb full of dusty ovaries!

Thankfully I live in Canada and not California and will be able to get married when my time is right. I still can't believe that this Proposition 8 BS passed. What is wrong with people? If you want to save the sanctity of marriage than ban Divorce, not Gay Marriage... I don't understand why people can't stay out of their neighbours bedrooms, sex lives, ovaries, and wombs. You'd think the Government in the US has more pressing concerns to deal with right now with the economic crisis then if two lesbians want to get married and renovate a house together... It just makes me sad, however I am not a politician and know that President-elect Barack Obama will have some amazing changes in store for the American People.

Any who, it is now time to start my day! :)
Hope everyone is keeping well!
Embrace the Journey
Bret xoxo


mrsb said...

Amie sounds like an amazing woman - and an amazing friend!

I couldn't believe Prop8 passed, either. Especially in California, where so many more liberal people live. It is totally ridiculous to me (as I'm sure you know, lol) that anyone living in the US does not have the right to marry whoever they want. It's called civil rights. Ugh. I have to stop, or I'm going to hop right back on my soap box.

I'll start Xmas decorating after Thanksgiving. I'm just not in a very holiday-ish mood yet. Not sure why. Truthfully, I don't even have all of my Halloween stuff taken down yet! Maybe it's just laziness, lol!

Anonymous said...

Wow! An awesome sort of "potpourri" post.
First of all, your tree looks magical...what a great friend Ayre is! I love that your sister helped you decorate it - I'm positive your mom is beaming right now.

X-mas without your mom will definitely suck this year, but hold tight to her memory of all your past Christmases. That's why she decorated your home with such a passion - so that X-mas would always mean something to you when she was gone. She'll be spending this one with you too, I'm sure, in spirit.
My first X-mas without my dad, I woke up around 5 am and sat at my kitchen table with a coffee, bawling. It was then that I smelled his cologne. That wonderful, beautiful smell that I'd known all my life and thought I'd forgotten. It was amazing! I knew he was right there with me.

As for being a father, you are going to be a great one some day and I'm sure Amie will always have a selfless uterus to loan you. (the doctors usually say you should have your 1st baby by the time you're 35) - Ayre will be a fertile Mrytle for many years to come.

Prop 8? Don't even get me started.
Sickening. This is personal to me as my brother is gay and is the most loving, compassionate man in the world. I am raising my daughter to know that discrimination is a hateful thing. After all, her uncle is the most loving and supportive adult in her life. (other than me, of course).
Check out this link on it to see the love and support of some awesome people.


And always remember....
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"....Martin Luther King Jr.

Great post!!

Sorrow said...

someone made the crack that they couldn't pick on people with a different skin color, so now it's on to people with a different sex life.
I have spoken to people who voted for this ban, and what i hear is such fear and preaching about G*d, it's a sad testimony. I often wonder what it would feel like to them, if it was their religion or their loved one that they were being told not to love, be with or build a life with.
they will never tell me who i can or can not love.
Gods law or mans law
love will always tell me it's right~!

Anonymous said...

oops! That was me.

Hey, I was gonna suggest a "healthy and informative debate" about our respective new apartments, gay marriage, surrogacy, sex, equal billing hydro, living on Kraft dinner, etc. but I forgot...we're already healthy and informed!!!

lma OFF!!!!!!!

This Guy said...

Boho! Love it! You are on!! Anytime, any place! :P lol

Dia said...

Love your tree - & I hope you have a great Holiday!!
My dad died in the summer (can it be 16 years ago?? Aggh - & you asked where the months went?!) anyway, around Christmas I began getting whiney & wanting to sing Christmas carols with him - then I remembered my son brot a tape recorder a year or so before & I COULD! I pulled out the tape, & sang along :) It was so healing.

I chose the Church I attend (I think of myself as Buddhist/pagan, & raised christian, & this Church is OK with all that :) hosts a monthly meeting called 'best friends,' for gays & lesbians & whoever else (supportive!) wants to attend; & one of my best friends is now moderator - & bi! & when Oregon voted on a similar measure (darn it!) we hosted a forum for several weeks, with folks talking about some of their experiences.

Our local small theater put on 'the Larramie Project' last year, & I went with a transgendered friend :) (he was 'marg' in HS - now Mike) & WOW - it's sure intense, but so good!!

OK, I better put this tired self to bed - love your blog!!

Dia said...

(oops - I meant to say "I chose the church because of it's commitment to supporting the gay community."
It's awesome, tho at times my goddess self gets grumpy at some of the words - the HEART is so very, very good! & a few years ago I met the sweetest gay teen fellow, who was pagan to boot! He was in the HS class with some friends, & the teacher 'knew' he needed to meet me! I often wear fairy dust, paint my face, & change words to the songs if they are choking me lol )

Sacred Suzie said...

That is so beautiful your Mom came by in your dreams and kicked your butt into the Christmas spirit. And made sure a tree came your way. She's very loving and powerful!

I am absolutely shocked and horrified that California changed its mind on the gay marriage issue. How completely Neanderthal and unevolved of them.

Ayre said...

Awww thanks so much Guy!!! And many, many, many thanks for my new blog banner, I LOVE it!!! I certainly am forever changing and under construction, current project: Baby Lessard!!

I hope my uterus doesn't get up and walk away before I get that email!!!

Then again, Michelle and JimBob Duggar have 17 and one on the way and hers hasn't walked away yet!!

This Guy said...

Ayre... Loving it!!! OMG The Duggars, I just saw them on TV last night... Remember....

"Its a Vagina, not a clown car" hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ummm, excuse me, but where is your comment section that I fill out myself?... leaving my own distorted perceptions of the world and sign them anonymous, or make up names to pretend people are supporting my dementedness?
You don't have one???

Jane said...


Your tree is gorgeous and what a fantastic room to put it in! I'll bet it looks awesome at night as you approach your apartment and see it through those amazing windows. I agree that it's always special to have someone to decorate with.

You are blessed with a friend like Amie.

Jennifer said...

prop 8 is shit. you are so right about marriage and divorce... they should ban that instead of gay marriage. it still is amazing to me that the government has any say what-so-ever in who anyone chooses to marry and spend the rest of their life with... male or female. really. wtf??

i'm so glad your mom came to visit you and got you to put up a tree. you needed to do that and your tree or shall i say Amie's tree is beautiful. :) i'm glad you have her. She is great!! I love reading her blog. :) and for her to do all those amazing things... wow. what a woman!!

and this isn't the first holiday without your mom... she is ALWAYS with you. she may not be here in a human body form, but trust me she is always with you. she loves you and wouldn't leave you alone. :)

xoxox have a great day!!

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