Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sacred Sunday

I've thought alot today about what this particular Sacred Sunday means to me... Sundays growing up were usually a time of resting after a weeks work, spending time with family and getting together over a Pot Roast. It's that one day of the week where a busy schedule doesn't matter, and everyone makes the time to get together to sit around the kitchen table and chat or play rumoli.

It would have been my moms 59th birthday today if she would have been here with us on this Sacred Sunday. Still, we had dinner, sat around and chatted over thick slices of chocolate cheesecake and sipped endless pots of coffee.

My family bond is whats Sacred to me this Sunday. I still marvel at how we pulled together nearly 2 years ago when we brought our mom home from the hospital. The strength and character of families, parents and children who take care of their loved ones during times of illness inspires me. It's fascinating to see this bond growing in our newest addition to the family. I watch every day as my 10 month old niece bonds with my eldest sister. It's amazing to see the connection develop between mother and child, I believe it to be one of the strongest bonds in the universe, unbreakable even by death.

I watched as a 16 year old young man, my grandfather wheeled himself from a different part of the hospital to the intensive care unit where my grandmother was hooked to a life support unit after having a heart attack. Every morning in spite of cancer, pain and weakened joints he would lift himself into a wheelchair and somehow find his way to my grandmother so they could have breakfast together, as they did every morning for the past 50 years. I realized then, that's what I wanted for myself, that bond, inspired by my grandparents.

I believe its our bond for one another, our love that makes this life worth living. What would we have if these bonds weren't present? I can't imagine being a bird who flies away as soon as my feathers grew in, or a fish who hatches and swims away when his fins are strong enough.

My sister made an offer to me tonight, she flips houses, usually I do all the electrical work for her. She has a project house now, on Lake Erie, in Port Colborne. She's offered me free rent in a finished suite of the house for as long as I like. It would be very convenient as in the coming days I would be spending alot of time there anyways.... Decisions, as you may have already noticed, stress me out - to say the least. I think its the amount of options I am usually presented with. It's like when you go into a new restaurant, and everything on the menu looks delicious. I often feel overwhelmed at the selection, maybe that's normal, I'm not 100% sure.

With the newly introduced Bach Flower Remedies into my life style change I haven't felt as stressed as I normally would. Usually it takes me longer to realize that I should trust the universe and her plans for me. I know that I will be fine, and the universe will provide for me, as it always has. I know there is a lesson here, and I will come to learn, understand and integrate it into my being. In the up and coming days and weeks, I'm sure my direction will become more clear, I trust that it will.

So on this Sunday, I am very happy to have that Sacred Bond with my family, especially my sisters, without their love, support and strength I wouldn't be here.

Happy Birthday Mom,
Embrace the Journey.
Bret =)


CrystalChick said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Jane's Painted House blog.

You have a nice place here.

I miss my Mom too, she's been gone 13 years this month from cancer. It was a very sad, and scary, but also, an interesting process that we watched and were part of. My Dad passed 4 years later and since he's been gone I've lost a very close relationship I had with my sister. Luckily, my husband and I have a really nice family together and I became a 'Mimi' when my daughter had her son last May. :)

Have a nice day! :)

Ayre said...

You're so lucky to have such loving siblings. I would definitely take your sister up on her offer. You do spend a lot of time there and it will be nice to watch your niece get through a bunch of milestones! I think that, out of all the options you've been presented, is the best one yet.

Sacred Suzie said...

What a beautiful post! My family used to get together on Sundays too. It's a special ritual for sure. Family is so important.

Interesting possibility, maybe you should see how your spirit responds to each question, "What if I decided to live there?" "What if I decided to do something else?" What does your spirit say? How does your body respond?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry - that was my mistake - duh.

59 is way too young man, to not be here celebrating her birthday.

Like Ayre said... you are very blessed to have loving supportive siblings. I love how you guys are all so close and there for eachother. Your mom did an amazing job at building a family unit.
Your new little niece is blessed too, to be able to grow up with such a bonded family and learn from your traditions.

Your mom would be so proud of you, your courage, your recent setbacks and your ability to bounce back with an optomistic outlook on life.

*hugs*- and remember you also always have a bonded network of friends who understand your pain.

mrsb said...

Beautiful post! I love the story of your grandparents having breakfast together, despite everything. That's the kind of relationship I want to have in 30 years with my husband (and the kind we share now :O)

I hope the universe brings you that kind of love. It's an amazing gift.

Happy late birthday to your mom. I'm sure she's watching over you.

Jane said...

I really love your words. I too have been blessed with my family that continues to amaze me with their unwavering love.

Pot Roast.....OMG!!!! Fall is here and I can't wait for pot roast and stews.

Glad those Bach Flower Remedies are working for you.

Akelamalu said...

Hi, I followed a link from somewhere and found myself here. What a nice place you have!

I too lost my Mum at 59 through cancer - that dreaded disease.

It's good that you have a loving family and are so close. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi. i'm visiting from Crystal Chick's blog...

i'm not even sure what to say about your post. i just love it. but i'm speachless... it is so beautifully written, and i can tell that your true heart was in it. i'm glad your family still carries on that Sacred Sunday tradition, i'm sure your mom is happy to see that.

i can't imagine loosing my parents, i just literally cannot let myself even think of it... i'm teary just typing this.

i watched my SIL pass away from cancer, she was only 23 and i have such respect and fear of death i can't even tell ya.

family is the most important thing. i knew this always growing up... and thankfully get to experience it every day with my three wonderful children and husband. you are right... it is a bond... and that bond it is like nothing else. it is amazing and beautiful.

i'm very glad i found your blog. i have been in a slump lately and this is just what i needed to come read to make me feel better.

you are also right about trusting the universe and letting her guide us. i need to consider this while we are trying to buy a house and figure everything out... i even thought today that things usually always work out for me, i'm fortunate i guess... and blessed so i'm sure that things will work out w/ this process too... even if it doesn't seem for the best now... it will eventually... i trust that. after all what is meant to be, will always find a way to be.

i'll be back.
and last but not least... i'm sorry for the loss of your mom.


Pam said...

Hug for you Bret. Go where you will give the most love, because that's what you'll get back in abundance.What sort of work are you looking for? A heart as big as yours would be so appreciated with children with disabilities.I work in a school where most of the children have from mild to severe cerebral palsy.My days are spent with laughter and warmth.I bet your niece loves you too.Base your decisions on a place of love and you can't go wrong.Thank you for reminding me of Bach Flower Remedies.(I need the rescue one at the moment!!).Here in Australia we have bush flower essences using the same Bach principles. In time, I will study these.Perhaps I should incorporate it in my dreamboard!Good luck with everything.

solsticedreamer said...

hey you :) wonderful words and i am sure your mum is with you at each meal and all the times between.

i know what you mean about family bonds, the one i have with my sister has no other name for it but fact its worthy of a post, remind me if you dont see it very soon!
btw i have something for you at my blog ;)

CrystalChick said...

Just stopping by to grab your name and link for my blogroll. ;) Happy day!

This Guy said...

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the amazing comments! You have no idea how much I truly appreciate them! :)
Bret xoxo

Nydia said...

What a lovely post, Bret. I can relate to basically everything that you said here. I also have a family whose bonds are very strong, thnk gods. We're a very close family andwe have already faced many serious illness times that happened to our father and thi year, when my older sister died fom cancer. The support and love she was surrounded was important for her, I'm sure, and for us too.
So sweet your grandparents' story! As Mrs. B. said, that's what I want with my love in 30 years! :)
Ye, I'm Gemini, June 6th! My middle sister is June 3rd. What a great sign, right? LOL I can totally relate to your hard time when offered many options, I use to say that I don't like options! If there are only two, ok, that's fine, but then when it comes t more than four!!!! I give up! LOL Like a mneu indeed, can I have a bit of everything? Nah...
I'm sure everthing will be placed in its right spot, it's a matter of time. I was thinking about it last night about my situation here at my working place - not a cincidence. I sometimes forget that the Universe is gentle and wise and I shouldn't worry or get so stressed. I have to make my moves and let her make hers.

Kisses & bright blessings!

PS: I love this idea, let's trade our houses! :)

Jennifer said...

Hey there... just dropping by to say hi. :)

i'm not really that corny... well okay... sometimes I am. lol

anyway... i hope you have a great weekend. :)


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